Friday, December 30, 2011

The Headstones - 24 Hours (Everyday)

HAPPY to ALL 24 HOURS !!!!

24 Hours (Everyday) collects highlights from not only the McAllen, TX-based Headstones, but from all the other groups the band's two leading members were in during the '60s. The result is a fitfully entertaining set of predictable garage psychedelia, but only the hardest of hardcore Texan psychedelia fans should seek this out

Dave Williams - lead vocals, bass
Glen Vanlandingham, lead guitar, vocals
Paul Veale, guitar, vocals
Mike Florence, organ
Winston Logan, drums on "24 Hours", vocals
Mike Rogers, drums on "Bad Day Blues"

Of the countless studios cranking out garage band crudity coast to coast circa 1966, few were as off the beaten path as Jimmy Nicholls' 2-track studio in McAllen, Texas, near the Mexican border. Yet J-Beck Records artists from Corpus Christi such as the Bad Seeds, to cite just one example, cut their toughest sides at this red hot recording outpost. Of a similar remarkable quality was McAllen's own Headstones who recorded for Nicholls' Pharaoh Records. "24 Hours (Everyday)" was the ravaging, "Gloria"-styled B-side for their debut single. While the Headstones achieved top ten status locally with their two singles on Pharaoh, it is this track and another Farfisa-drenched flip, "Bad Day Blues" that seal the Headstones' reputation as one of the great Texas garage bands. - Jeff Jarema, liner notes

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