Friday, January 6, 2012

Munetaka Inoue & The Sharp Five - The Sidewinder & Ding Dong! The Beatles

"Sharp Five were an instrumental eleki / psychedelic garage combo from japan. Wicked guitar licks and Ventures-esque surf wah-wah fuzzed-out and psyched-up with an oriental sonic garage back bass. Overall a slightly trippier flavour of eleki . This is generally regarded as their best albums..."

Munetaka Inoue (drums), Nobuhiro Mine (lead guitar), Osamu Furuya (organ), Hidemasa Yamauchi (rhythm guitar), Sannai Emi (rhythm guitar Maeda Akira (guitar), Akiyama Tsutomu (bass guitar), Masaaki Ito (bass guitar, 1967-69), Nishizima Makoto (bass guitar)

not original covers 


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