Saturday, January 14, 2012

Painted Faces - Anxious Color (1966-68)

John McKinney (guitar) - Jack O'Neil (vocals) - Jerry Torano (lead guitar) - Harry Braggs (drums) - George Schule (bass)

This band came from Fort Myers in Florida and not Los Angeles as had previously been suggested. Turano and McKinney were eventually forced to quit the band as they travelled increasingly to play in New York City and they were replaced by various musicians, but the heart of the band remained Jack O'Neill, George Schule and Harry Bragg. It was during a spell at a bar called 'A Place In The Sun' on the Virgin Islands that they began painting their faces. In the same era they recorded an entire album of Today's Hits, featuring covers of songs like The Letter, Brown Eyed Girl and Incense And Peppermints, which was supposed to come out on Sidewalk or Tower as a budget album but never survived the acetate stage.
Thanks to Distortions all their 45 cuts and several previously unreleased cuts are now compiled on Anxious Color. ...(Max Waller)

Painted Faces "Anxious Color"

Painted Faces were from Florida and and unleashed 4 singles and lots of unreleased material which makes up this 28 track CD.

This package contains all their singles, demos, acetates and even a live set with hits of the day by The Bee Gees, Rascals and The Beatles "A Day In A Life"

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