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The Bee Gees - The Early Years

The Bee Gees  - Brilliant From Birth 2CD

At last, a comprehensive collection of everything the group recorded in their "Australian years," from 1963 to 1966, before their move to England and rapid ascent to international stardom. These two CDs -- an entirely different package from the similarly titled, but much shorter, compilation 1963-1966: Birth of Brilliance -- include 63 songs, some of which are quite familiar to Bee Gees fans via numerous reissues, but some of which were hard to find outside of Australia, or indeed anywhere. Actually, this turns out to be a mixed blessing, since the rarer tracks are usually way less interesting than the numerous fine Beatlesque ones (such as "Peace of Mind," "Wine and Women," "I Want Home," "All of My Life") that have been pretty easy to acquire on U.S. repackages. There are, for instance, a bunch of fairly horrible MOR pop and country covers, presumably dating from circa 1963. Although it has sometimes been claimed that the Bee Gees sounded like the Beatles by coincidence because they grew up in Manchester, on the basis of this evidence, it seems unquestionable that they deliberately revamped their sound into a Fab Four vein after the Beatles became huge. There are some cool rarities like the moody, folk-rockish "Lonely Winter" and good quality TV broadcasts of Beatles, Lovin' Spoonful, and Dave Clark Five covers (their take on the DC5's "Can't You See That She's Mine" is surprisingly good). It's also good to have comprehensive (and typo-filled) liner notes covering the Australian period, but the utter lack of specific recording/release dates and sources for any of the tracks is exasperating.


Barry Gibb&The Bee Gees - Sing And Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs (1965)
(only 128 kb )

The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs is the Bee Gees' debut LP (1967's Bee Gees' 1st was the international debut album), released under the artist title "Barry Gibb & the Bee Gee's ''''". It was released in November 1965 on the Australian Leedon label.

It is basically a compilation of most of the Gibb brothers' singles that had been released over the previous three years (only in Australia), which accounts for the many different styles of music on it. Earlier tracks like "Peace of Mind" "Claustrophobia", and "Could It Be" are in the Merseybeat vein that was popular throughout 1964, while later singles like "Follow the Wind" and "And the Children Laughing" reflect the more folky sounds of the summer of 1965. Of the three new tracks that were recorded specifically for the album, "To Be or Not To Be" was probably the biggest departure, being a blues-based hard rocker.

This album has never been released in CD format, as reflected in the track listing below, and original vinyl copies of the LP are very hard to find. Despite this, not all of the songs on the album are rare, with many being found on various Bee Gees compilation records. Finally, all tracks were released on the official rarites compilation Brilliant from Birth, in 1998, which also includes outtakes from this period of the Bee Gees' career.

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