Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Dream - Dream Archives (1969-72)

Complete unreleased album from Holland's best kept psychedelic secret, from the late 60's. Having formed out of Mother's Love, this band went on to make this collection of tunes which would lay on the shelves for years, collecting dust. This is unheard '60's Dutch pyschedelia that will be a must for collectors.

 Floris Kolvenbach (guitar, keyboards, vocals), 
 John van Buren (drums, keyboards), 
 Rini Wikkering (guitar), 
 Rob Heuff (bass), 
 Edgar Swanenberg (bass), 
 Karel Zwart (drums, percussion) 

01. Rebellion
02. Can You Hear Me Howling
03. Mr V
04. The Netherlands
05. Four Phonecalls
06. We'll Be Back Yesterday Morning
07. Open The Gates
08. Dino
09. Met A Girl Today
10. The Diamond And The Fool
11. The Monarchy
12. Sleeping Rose
13. Still Alive

The music The Dream makes is mainly sixties psychedelic music with some blues influences, as can 
be heard on Can you hear me howlin' or on Sleeping rose. Sometimes they remind me of The Kinks 
(We'll be back yesterday morning) or The Doors (Dino, Four phonecalls). The music is mainly 
vocal oriented, but there is also a big part for the guitarist. The most progressive track is 
The diamond and the fool.

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