Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beat Battles Von Kassel Und Frankfurt - Beat In Germany

THE RANGERS: These Boots Are Made For Walking THE ANOMS: But You Never Do It Babe THE SKINS: Till The End Of The Day THE SPADES: I'm Alive THE SPOTLIGHTS: Que Sera THE KINGBEATS: Keep On Running / My Generation THE RANGERS: Very Last Day THE ANOMS: I'm A Man THE SKINS: I Need You THE CHEATS: I Feel A Whole Lot Better THE ANOMS: Louie, Louie THE MANIACS: Things I Should Have Known 'Twist Battle Party' der Stadt Kassel:  THE RANGERS: Look Through Any Window THE DUCKS: Pretty Woman - Do Wah Diddy ORIGINAL BLUE MOONS: Exodus THE TRAVELLERS: And I Love Her THE ROLLING BEATS: Walking The Dog THE ORIGINAL BEATNIKS: You Really Got Me THE ROCKERS: A Crazy Haunted House THE GERMAN BLUE FLAMES: Rhythm And Blues And Joe THE CHIPMUNKS: Sticks And Stones THE BEATNIKS: Mary Ann DIE KETTELS: Gingerbread THE HURRICANS: The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt THE ORIGINAL BLACK BEATS: Mean Woman Blues THE BEAT-BERRYS: Carol
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