Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Typhoons & The Jaybirds - The Embassy Beatles Cover

Ray Pilgrim (born in London in 1936) was one of the most prolific big band singers, radio broadcasters, recording and session singers in Britain in the late 1950s/early 1960s.
He recorded mainly for UK's Embassy Records under the Ray Pilgrim name and also made nearly 150 cover records for the Embassy Records label using in addition to Ray Pilgrim the name Bobby Stevens (particularly in earlier 1960-1962 releases). In later releases he used the names The Typhoons, The Starlings, The Jaybirds and the Beatmen.[1] He was the lead vocals in The Typhoons alongside Mike Redway, and the lead vocals in The Starlings alongside Joan Baxter).

His recordings under various names were released on over 30 different labels in over 20 different countries with aggregate sales estimated at around five million. He also recorded TV jingles, demos, and film soundtracks.

The Typhoons name was coined in February 1963 as Embassy found themselves covering increasingly more records by beat bands rather than the more traditional solo singer recordings that had dominated the hit parade in previous years.

Ray and Mike recorded the first Typhoons track for Embassy on 7th February 1963 ... which probably made them the world’s very first recording Beatles tribute band! 

Embassy’s parent company’s name was Oriole, which was of course the name of a bird.  So they decided to invent some group names using other bird names such as: The Eagles, The Jaybirds, and The Starlings.

Unfortunately, they found that The Eagles name was already in active use.  This was at a very late stage in February 1963 when they were just about to release their first Beatles cover.  So out went The Eagles and the Typhoons name was chosen instead.  So ... it wasn’t a bird; it was a ‘plane!  And it stuck, becoming one of the best remembered names on Embassy.

The Typhoons only existed as a studio band.  The actual singers involved were in fact chosen from Embassy’s existing roster of artists.  From 1963 to 1965 there were 62 songs credited on the label as The Typhoons.  Ray Pilgrim sang on 29 of them, Mike Redway sang on 20, Ken Barrie on 13, Tony Crane on 19, Joan Baxter on 3, and Paul Rich on 1.

[01:59] 01/26. Ray Pilgrim - Twist And Shout
[01:56] 02/26. Typhoons - Please Please Me
[01:47] 03/26. Typhoons - From Me To You
[02:01] 04/26. Mike Redway - Do You Want To Know A Secret
[02:15] 05/26. Mike Redway - Bad To Me
[02:14] 06/26. Typhoons - She Loves You
[01:56] 07/26. Typhoons - Hello Little Girl
[02:01] 08/26. Mike Redway - I'll Keep You Satisfied
[02:12] 09/26. Typhoons - This Boy
[02:21] 10/26. Typhoons - I Want To Hold Your Hand
[02:18] 11/26. Typhoons - Money (That's What I Want)
[02:09] 12/26. Typhoons - I'm In Love
[02:04] 13/26. Typhoons - All My Loving
[02:27] 14/26. Jaybirds - You Can't Do That
[02:01] 15/26. Jaybirds - Can't Buy Me Love
[02:44] 16/26. Mike Redway & Les Carle - A World Without Love
[02:28] 17/26. Mike Redway & Terry Brandon - Nobody I Know
[02:28] 18/26. Typhoons - A Hard Day's Night
[02:33] 19/26. Typhoons - And I Love Her
[02:40] 20/26. Typhoons - I Should Have Known Better
[02:05] 21/26. Typhoons - Tell Me Why
[02:15] 22/26. Typhoons - I Feel Fine
[02:58] 23/26. Typhoons - Ticket To Ride
[02:14] 24/26. Typhoons - Help
[03:20] 25/26. Ray Pilgrim & Mike Redway - The Long And Winding Road
[03:00] 26/26. Ray Pilgrim & Mike Redway - In My Life

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