Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 in 1

The Redcoats - Meet The Redcoast !Finaly
The Sidekicks - Fifi The Flea

The Sidekicks had changed their name from The Redcoats, a manufactured attempt at creating an American-grown British Invasion-style band. 
Brothers Zac and Randy Bocel became Redcoats after auditioning for Mike Burke and John Spirt, the other two band members, and the band was produced by Steven Rappaport. 
Steven Rappaport and John Spirt were cousins who had been in The Randells with Steven's brother Robert, and had charted with the sci-fi dance novelty The Martian Hop in 1963 (#35 USA, also a hit in Australia)

Jim Spirt (drums), 
Mike Burke (guitar), 
Zack Bocelle (guitar-vocals),
Randy Bocelle (bass-vocals).

The Sidekicks - Fifi The Flea 1967

[02:36] 01. The Sidekicks - Suspicions
[02:34] 02. The Sidekicks - Up On The Roof
[02:19] 03. The Sidekicks - You're A Girl
[02:27] 04. The Sidekicks - More (Theme From "Mondo Cane")
[02:39] 05. The Sidekicks - Not Now
[02:35] 06. The Sidekicks - Ask Your Friend
[02:36] 07. The Sidekicks - Fifi The Flea
[02:24] 08. The Sidekicks - Sight And Sound
[02:31] 09. The Sidekicks - Out Of The Dark
[02:23] 10. The Sidekicks - He's My Friend
[02:01] 11. The Sidekicks - The Best Things
[02:40] 12. The Sidekicks - Ollie Wong (The Same)

The group was originally known as the Redcoats who were a Beatles “sound-a–like” group who recorded tracks in 1966 when they came to the attention of RCA A&R man Bob Cullen who had heard an early version of “Suspicions” and wanted to sign the group as long as they dropped the Beatles imitation (though the habit was hard to break, listen to songs like “Ask Your Friend” or “You’re A Girl”), they were then introduced to arranger Jimmy Wisner who polished their sound and recorded this album in the fall of 1966. The title song was originally done by the Hollies on their “Would You Believe” album in June of 1966.

The Redcoats - Meet The Redcoast !Finaly

[02:42] 01. Redcoats, The - You Had No Right
[03:08] 02. Redcoats, The - Words Of Wisdom
[01:54] 03. Redcoats, The - Opportunity
[02:18] 04. Redcoats, The - Man
[01:52] 05. Redcoats, The - When Tomorrow Comes
[02:07] 06. Redcoats, The - Another Took Her Place
[03:55] 07. Redcoats, The - Sunny Man
[02:22] 08. Redcoats, The - Love Unreturned
[02:09] 09. Redcoats, The - Back To His Door
[02:24] 10. Redcoats, The - Baby Don't Go
[02:05] 11. Redcoats, The - The Dum Dum Song
[03:13] 12. Redcoats, The - Sing A Song

An album by The Redcoats remained unreleased until  2001, Dionysus Records released a CD titled “Meet The Redcoats…Finally”.  but as The Sidekicks they released one album on RCA in the 60s.
  It was rather big news at the time in the ‘60’s garage band world, as it was a completely unreleased album by a very talented group that should have gone on to bigger and better things.  It was shortly announced, however, that the band did go on to “bigger things” - as the Redcoats happened to be an earlier incarnation of the Sidekicks, who recorded an LP in 1967 for RCA.  

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