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Burt Blanca & The King Creoles - The Early Years (1996)

Burt Blanca & The King Creoles - The Early Years (1996)


Burt Blanca was born on August 6, 1944 in the northern suburbs from Brussels.  Guitarist of considered studios, Burt Blanca is the pioneer of the rock'n'roll in Belgium.  He is the interpreter of many hit tunes such as:  Touche pas a mon rock'n'roll, Ma Guitare bleue, Le Train ne passe plus par la, Voila le temps des vacances, Dansons, Limbobossa, Rock'n'Roll is good for the soul, Le Locomotion, Hey Baby, Twist twist senora or ClapClap Sound.  First price of Academy, author, type-setter and musical arranger, he will become singer by largest of the chances!  A life in rock'n'roll at the age of the 5 years, Norbert is caught and attracted by the music.  Thus it begins with the accordion.  Very gifted pupil, Norbert quickly climbs the various levels of the musical courses which it attends and gains several prices. 
At the 7 years age it is with the clarinet that Norbert begins. 
At the 14 years age, he discovers the guitar and the rock' roll.  "Managed" by his brother, Norbert became Burt BLANCA and takes down in 1959 a contract with the Belgian firm "Hebra records” a Flemish version of the success of Neil Sedaka "OH CAROL" and "I LOVE YOU SO", one of its compositions.  In Parallel, he went to the academy of Brussels with the clarinet.  After the recording of one 45 record for the French label "Festival", Burt signs in 1961 a contract with the French firm "Pathe- Marconi", under the management of Jean Paul GUITER, also artistic director of "LES CHATS SAUVAGES", with which he will collaborate until 1964. 
With the 16 years age he attends all the Belgian studios of recording, with the guitar, to accompany:  ADAMO, FREDERIC FRANCOIS, ROBERT COGOI, ANDRE BRASSEUR, CLAUDE BARZOTTI, PLASTIC BERTRAND, WILL TURA, JOHAN VERMINNEN..... and also some French artists, not of least:  CHARLES AZNAVOUR, JULIETTE GRECO, GILBERT BECAUD, CARAVELLI, LA COMPAGNIE CREOLE.... 
In the years 1960, he is devoted like one of the "sizes" of the rock'n'roll in Europe.  Burt will play an uninterrupted series of concerts in various prestigious rooms (le Golf Drouot, Palais des sports in Paris, in Olympia in Paris, etc.)  and will officiate with the same poster as a number of artists of international fame (THE ANIMALS, THE KINKS, GENE VINCENT, inter alia). 
In 1964, he makes two rounds with Gene VINCENT.  The same year he is programmed in Olympia in Paris. 
In 1968, Burt BLANCA makes a hit with "R.N.ROLL IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL" with the brother of an American producer Albert VAN HOOGTEN, who makes pass Burt for an American under the pseudonym of Winky HAWKS.
Always in 68, Burt meets in MONTBELLIARD, Vince TAYLOR, who is then "with the trough of vagueness".  Vince finds himself without musicians and after his show, Burt proposes to him to accompany it with his musicians.
In the years 1970, Burt will specialize in the albums of rock' roll covers under his name.  This return to the rock'n'roll of the Fifties will do of Burt BLANCA one of accustomed first parts of famous rockers such as:  JERRY LEE LEWIS, CHUCK BERRY, GARY GLITTER.
In 1974, Burt makes the first part of Bill HALEY in ANCIENNE BELGIQUE of Brussels.  Burt ensured, several times, the first part of JohnnyHALLIDAY.
In 1976, following an estrangement with his brother, Burt is found without anything.  That curbs temporarily its career.  At the same time, Burt goes up on stage of Forest National.  He is found to make dance parties, in competition with Liane FOLY, GOLD, Jean Jacques GOLDMAN, VOULZY, SOUCHON.  At the beginning of the Eighties, Burt collaborates with the producer Lou DEPRIJCK.  He plays and composes for PLASTIC BERTRAND.  During this Burt composes the hit : “THEY’LL NEVER KILL R.N.Roll” at HEBRA RECORDS. 
In 1983, he creates Belgian group THE KLAXONS and composes, in collaboration with his friends Jean-Marie TROISFONTAINE and RogerVERBESTEL, the piece "Clap, Clap Sound".  The title becomes number 1 of the sales.  25 weeks number 1, in South Africa in front of QUEEN, MICHAEL JACKSON AND LIONEL RICHIE. "CLAP, CLAP SOUND" is many times disc of gold, platinum and today disc of diamond.  It should be noted that the piece will be taken again the same year in a version sung by GRAND JOJO under the title SERGENT FLAGADA.  Despite everything the encountered problems, Burt comes out regularly of the 33 and 45 records. His first CD is born also at HEBRA RECORDS and very quickly become missing "25 YEARS AGO AND NOW".  Then it is the title "UN TRAIN CE SOIR", which makes the turn of the world.
In the eighties, missing on T.V. and radio’s, most of his fans think that he stopped playin’music but continue to buy the CD’s. After a few years, Burt BLANCA makes in 1998 the albums "IL FAUT LE VIVRE" and its English copy "HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW" (Hebra Records) to which take part Ricky NORTON as author, Alain DARMOR English joint author, and Burt the composer.  These albums came out in 2003, at the same time as CD "CLASSICAL ROMANCE".  At the beginning of the years 2000, he becomes musical arranger for Reader' S Digest. 
In November 2003, Burt BLANCA is the head of the show in  the THEATRE DE LA LOUVIERE in Belgium.
At the end of January 2004, he is a part of the recording of a television series "FAMILIE", this episode was diffused at the beginning of December 2004 on chain VTM in Belgium.  In June 2004, he found his notoriety back, and is again on stage of OLYMPIA in PARIS.  In October, Burt celebrates its 45 years of career in ANCIENNE BELGIQUE in Brussels.  July 2, 2005, "at the Community from Wallonia in Brussels, Burt BLANCA is decorated OFFICER ABOUT the CROWN (Equivalent with the French legion of honor) by the minister with the Belgian Culture," Mrs. Fadila LAANAN ".
Burt BLANCA accompanied with their musicians the American artists such as:  Wanda JACKSON, Linda GAIL LEWIS....
In June 2006 double CD is born:  "MON AVENTURE" and "SUCCES D’HIER ET DE DEMAIN".  In 2007, Burt comes out a DVD, heading "the OTHER KING OF  ROCK'N'ROLL!!!  ", taking the integrality of a concert collected on July 1, 2006 on stage of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux.  Produced by association "Burt BLANCA", this DVD is composed of 33 titles.  Parallel to its solo career, Burt never gave up his activities of musician of studio.  Thus, one can find him with the guitar, the pedal-steel, the banjo or the accordion on recordings of other artists. 

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