Sunday, June 17, 2012

45'er Rarities - Ronald Patrick Guttridge - Beat'n Heart (Schlagendes Herz)

45'er Rarities - Ronald Patrick Guttridge - Beat'n Heart (Schlagendes Herz)

This little compilation EP called Tцne gejagt und eingefangen ( Hunted and Captured Sounds) was released to commemorate the 9. International Amateur Recording Contest held in Amsterdam in the fall of 1960 and of course to advertise for Telefunken reel to reel tape recorders. Apparently the International Federation Of Soundhunters and the contest still exists. A cool little subculture even more obscure than record collecting.

This record featurs a mixture of sound excerpts made by various winners of the contest. Thankfully the only full track here is also the only one that is interesting to pop music fans. Beatґn heart was also featured on volume 4 of  Prae-Kraut Pandemonium, the most essential LP compilation series of obscure German Beat music. 

I didnґt know what was on the record and just bought  it because it looked interesting. What a surprise when I found this little gem! Beatґn heart is clearly influenced by Joe Meek. Only this recording was all done by Ronald Patrick Guttridge himself, a British travelling salesman as the insert states, with the use of a reel to reel tape recorder.  As you can guess, itґs him playing guitar and drums mixed  with the sound of a beating heart. The insert even speculates on the real hit potential. Obviously it didnґt make it.

But it is a charming instrumental RockґnґRoll tune in all itґs primitive glory…

Andreas Michalke, Berlin, Germany

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