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The Beach Boys - Live In London 1968

Recorded December 8, 1968 at Finsbury Park Astoria, London
Label Capitol

Live in London (Beach Boys '69 in North America) is a live album by The Beach Boys, initially released by EMI in the UK in May 1970, and in the US via Capitol Records on November 15, 1976.

1968 was a very difficult year for The Beach Boys at home, where their reputation had soured considerably, yet their European success was still strong as evidenced by these confident performances recorded while the group were making their 20/20 album. After the surprise success of the Endless Summer and Spirit of America hits packages in 1974 and 1975, the Beach Boys enjoyed a resurgence of popularity at home, especially on the concert circuit. It was during this time that Capitol decided to strike while the iron was hot and issue a renamed edition of the album for the first time in the US. The reissue had art by rock artist Jim Evans, and a new title, Beach Boys '69. Besides the fact that the live performance was actually recorded in December 1968, the LP's appearance added confusion to the marketplace as the group had recently issued a new, live double album—The Beach Boys in Concert—on their own Brother Records label, as part of a distribution deal with their new label, Reprise. Despite this, the record became a small chart success in the US, following the Top 10 placing of 15 Big Ones, reaching #75 in the Fall of 1976 during a US chart stay of 10 weeks. The UK edition failed to chart.
It is believed that The Beach Boys owed Capitol one more album (this may have been it, instead of the The Fading Rock Group Revival/Reverberation project), and so, this release ended their relationship with the record label, and with EMI in the UK. When their albums were remastered for CD in 1990 (and again in 2001), Live in London was paired with their 1964 live release Beach Boys Concert.

Для альбома были отобраны записи, сделанные на концерте 8 декабря 1968 в Astoria Theatre в Лондоне. К тому времени The Beach Boys переживали невиданное падение популярности в США. Однако в Европе, в Великобритании, в частности, группа продолжала пользоваться большим спросом. В основе программы были песни с альбомов 1966—69 гг.: «Pet Sounds» («Wouldn’t It Be Nice», «Sloop John B», «God Only Knows»), «Wild Honey» («Darlin’», «Aren’t You Glad»), «Friends» («Wake the World») и «20/20» («Bluebirds over the Mountain»). Из песен раннего периода на альбоме представлены «California Girls» и «Barbara Ann». «All I Want to Do» из альбома «20/20» была также записана, но в альбом не вошла; позже она была включена в сборник «Beach Boys Rarities» (1983). Версия «Good Vibrations» с данного альбома включена в видеоигру Rock Band 3. На этом альбоме впервые в исполнении The Beach Boys вышла баллада а капелла «Their Hearts Were Full of Spring».

Участники записи

Майк Лав — вокал
Карл Уилсон — соло-гитара, вокал
Алан Джардин — ритм-гитара, вокал
Брюс Джонстон — бас-гитара, вокал
Деннис Уилсон — барабаны, вокал

01 - Darlin'
02 - Wouldn't It Be Nice
03 - Sloop John B
04 - California Girls
05 - Do It Again
06 - Wake The World
07 - Aren't You Glad
08 - Bluebirds Over The Mountain
09 - Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
10 - Good Vibrations
11 - God Only Knows
12 - Barbara Ann
13 - Don't Worry Baby
14 - Heroes And Villains

Beach Boys Concert 64' plus Concert Outtakes

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