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VA - Beatman Presents - Beatburger 002 (2012)

From interview of Mr.G.B.Delgado (Ph.D) - project leader of 'Beatburger" series - for "Audio Grail" Magazine 
(excerpt, machine translation from Japanese):

- What is the project "Beatburger"?

G.B.Delgado: - We have thousands of 45's records from the sixties, that are long forgotten and the sound is not so good today. But these records and songs have a real enthusiasm and drive of those years. In addition, many pieces are considerable musical interest. "Beatburger" (presents by Beatman) brings it to our present - as if it were recorded today... These records should sound like live performances, full of emotion, spontaneity, and a sincere desire to let people hear this music, as it is...

- But how this can be achieved - after 50 years - with the help of magic?

G.B.Delgado: - (laughs) Yes, really with help of special magic & time machine! I could say much about it, to explain the technical details, but for the readers of your magazine "Audio Grail" is better and easier to show a special diagram that explains the essence of our revolutionary audio technology...

- Wow! It's incredible!

G.B.Delgado: - Probably yes! (laughs) As you can see, this is a very expensive project, but our efforts are to make this audio-magic... This is really a revival and the return of the forgotten groups of the sixties, when the music meant to a generation more than the music... And we hope that this will help to recreate the same feeling for modern audiences...

- Why is the name of a project - "Beatburger"?

G.B.Delgado: - 45's records in those days were made fast as a "fast food", - group came into the studio and recorded live a few takes, without any tricks of multitrack recording. Then just selected the best take and published a 45's record... Everything was simple and fast - like a hamburger - read: beatburger! But just this reason saving drive and emotions of those years - what is most valuable in these records and what we want to bring to the audience today...

- How many issues is supposed to do?

G.B.Delgado: - Today I can only imagine... But the release numbers "Beatburger No 001-999" satisfied readers of your magazine?

- Yes, of course! We look forward to the results of your wonderful magic! Thanks for the interview!

VA - Beatman Presents - Beatburger 002 (2012)


01 - Del-Vetts - Little Latin Lupe Lu (Discotek 3018) Chicago, Ill. 1965
02 - Cascades - Flying On The Ground (Smash 2101) California, USA. 1967
03 - Rainmakers - The Treasure Of Your Love (Bonjo 3152) California, USA 1966
04 - Dr.T and The Undertakers - Blue Blue Feeling (Target 101) Miami, Fl. 1966
05 - Seeds - Pushing Too Hard (GNP 2023) Cal. 1966
06 - Five Of A Kind - Never Again (Vandan 3668) Fort Worth, Tx. 1965
07 - Toggery Five - I'm Gonna Jump (Tower 119) Manchester, UK 1964
08 - Quicksilver Messenger Service - Pride Of Man (Capitol 2194) San Francisco, Cal. 1967
09 - Swingin' Yo Yo's - Do Something (Jubilee 5569) Memphis, Tenn. 1967
10 - Embers - We're Gonna Love (Lamia 1547) Indiana, USA 1967
11 - New Colony Six - Don't You Think It's Time You Stopped Your Crying (Sentar) Chicago 1967
12 - Them - You Got Me Good (Happy Tiger 1004) Los Angeles, Cal. 1968
13 - Rogues Inc. - People Say (Associated Artists 101) Savannah, Ga. 1967
14 - Legends - High Towers (Railroad House 12003) (PS) Pa. 1969
15 - Koala - Don't You Know What I Mean (Capitol 176) New York, NY. 1968
16 - Grodes - Cry A Little Longer (Tri M 1002) Tucson, Az. 1965
17 - Leo & The Prophets - Tilt-A-Whirl (Totem 105) Tx. 1966
18 - Del Counts - Bird Dog (Soma 1430) Minneapolis, Minn. 1966
19 - Merseys - The Cat (Fontana TF 845) UK 1967
20 - Blues Project - I Can't Keep From Crying (Verve Folkways 5032) New York, NY 1966

* All tracks remastered with a Special Magic in ‘Boooootleg Studio’ 2012
* [promo only]

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