Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Beach Boys - TV-Studio Performance + Rolling Stone Studio Live

The Beach Boys  TV-Studio Performance  MAY 16, 2012 
Rolling Stone Studio Live   JUNE 6, 2012


The Beach Boys  TV-Studio Performance  MAY 16, 2012 
West Chester, PA — QVC appearance, The Beach Boys' QSessions Live

The reunited Beach Boys, that is, who are in the early stages of a 50th-anniversary reunion tour that was to have played a sold-out show at the Borgata on Saturday before returning to the Philadelphia area for a show at the Susquehanna Bank Center on June 16. They came to the sprawling 84-acre West Chester campus of the home shopping channel to hawk That’s Why God Made the Radio, their new album due to be released June 5.

This version of the aging, archetypal California harmony-singing, 1960s surf-rock group includes three original members — songwriting giant Brian Wilson, 69; vocalist Mike Love, 71, his cousin; and guitarist Al Jardine, 69, his high school classmate. All were on board in Hawthorne, Calif., when the group’s first single, “Surfin,’ ” was released in October 1961.

01 - Do It Again
02 - Catch A Wave
03 - Surfin' Safari
04 - Surfer Girl
05 - God Only Knows
06 - That's Why God Made The Radio
07 - Dance Dance Dance
08 - Little Honda
09 - California Girls
10 - Wouldn't It Be Nice

At Rolling Stone Studio Live   JUNE 6, 2012

The Beach Boys took a break from their 50th anniversary tour to perform acoustic versions of their classic pop tunes at the Rolling Stone studio. After the set, the band explained that they've been trying to please all of their fans and represent everyone in the band – past and present – on their reunion tour. "There's just so many songs from so many eras, but there's some that we can't do without," says Mike Love. "I don't think we could do a show and not do 'Good Vibrations,' and 'Kokomo' is a big crowd pleaser too."

11 - In My Room
12 - Surfer Girl
13 - Surfin USA
14 - Interview

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