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A prae-kraut pandaemonium volume 20

"lolly pope presents"

A prae-kraut pandaemonium volume 20
 Beat your heart out! we did it again 

Hmm, some kind of anniversary here. Awright, time for the real rare teutonic underground beat stuff. Sure, none of the documented vinyl on Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium could ever be easily found, but this volume has about two handfuls of tracks that can't be found at all. (Look at the tracklist.) No scattered Englishmen this time, but the Swiss and Austrian factor is high...

Here we go-go!
1: I Can't Understand – THE SEVENS (2'25) (unreleased)
2: Sitting By The Sea – THE SNOBS (2'08) (acetate)
3: And The Beat Goes On – THE ATTACKS (3'23)
4: Long Tall Shorty – THE ORIGINAL STRANGERS (2'55) (live, unreleased)
5: Hi-Heel Sneakers – THE KENTUCKYS (2'45) (live, unreleased)
6: She's My Little Girl – THE VAMPIRES (4'20) (unreleased)
7: I'll Wanna Be Stay (sic) – THE VAMPIRES (2'10) (unreleased)
8: Friday, 13 th – THE ESQUIRES (2'35) (unreleased)
9: No Time – THE ESQUIRES (3'40) (unreleased)
10: Bye Bye Baby – THE WHITE SHOES (2'07)
11: Ombäschly -- THE PLAYBOYS (3'21)
12: Last Morning – LES DIABLES ROUGES (= THE RED DEVILS) (2'46)
13: I Go Crazy – THE ROMAN CATHOLICS (2'07)
14: Life – THE ROLETTS (2'10)
15: Just A Little – THE STRANGERS (2'16) (acetate)
16: Sing It Baby One More Time – LES NORMANDS (3'20) (live unreleased)
17: Leave It To Me – THE TWANGY GUITARS (2'24)
18: Meine kleine Sue – BERNHARD FRANK & DIE FREIBEUTER (3'48) (unrel.)
19: Only Today – THE MOUNTIES (3'45)
20: Take Care Of Our Love – POLO'S PEOPLE (2'57)
21: Complication – THE TEENAGERS (2'52)
22: No One But You – POLLY'S LONELY BOYS EXPORT CIE. (2'06)
23: Blow Up – STEVE'S GROUP (2'39)
24: Land Of Love – THE TORNADOS (2'30)
25: Make Love – THE V-RANGERS (2'12)
26: I've Got That Feeling – LES QUESTIONS (3'01)
27: War – FREEMEN OF LOVE (2'21)
28: Foot Stomp – THE BOYS (2'46)
29: Sodomie – THE TWANGY GANG (0'54)

For a starter here's the third and last unreleased track of THE SEVENS, who have been praised often enough. Recorded during the same session '65 as the two cuts on PKP 19, but this one wasn't included in the CD that was given away with the book „Beat Pop Protest“. *** THE SNOBS (Neunkirchen) are on most collectors' wantlist since a '64 private pressing of „Sitting By The Sea“ was mentioned in „Shakin' All Over“, the bible of German 60s beat. Now it turned out to be very private, cause it only does exist in form of about 20 test pressings (looking like acetates) owned by the band. Here 'tis.*** Talkin' 'bout rare... With 100 copies pressed, „We Call It Attackalogy“ by THE ATTACKS (Basel) is the rarest of all Swiss beat LPs. Recorded in, and released on Tonstudio Max Lussi in'67, it often sounds more '64 with all that Shadows-inspired and -derived instros, but there's some pretty neat cover versions too, and the stripped-down trashcan-arrangement of Sonny Bono's „The Beat Goes On“ is the most interesting.*** Don't know much about THE ORIGINAL STRANGERS. They were big in their hometown Salzgitter, but didn't make it to vinyl. Here's a live recording from '65, and they must have been big Tommy Tucker fans, cause they play his „Long Tall Shorty“ with some lines of „ Hi.Heel Sneakers“thrown in, and after the second verse they suddenly are kneedeep in „Long Tall Texan“.But that's alright. Tucker did more or less the same. Writing new words to Jimmy Reed tunes...*** „Hi-Heel Sneakers“-time again, this time interpreted by Wuppertal's KENTUCKYS, one of our favourite bands. 3 of their 4 sides have been immortalized on PKP. This one is a live recording from the TV-show „Beat Beat Beat“ and was never recorded in the studio.

The Vampires in action

THE VAMPIRES in question are neither the ones from Schweinfurt who made it big in Spain, nor those from Ludwigshafen who recorded for Kerston. They were from the Badenian border to France and mostly lived in Offenburg. They never made a record – which is a shame, considering the quality of these unreleased tapes – but a lot of recordings in '64/'65. Here are two originals saved from a worn out reel that gathered dust in a mouldy cellar for more than 45 years.

The same is true for THE ESQUIRES from Berlin. Two '66 studio recordings for a 7“ that never say the light. And again that would have made a much better single than much of the stuff that was released back then, especially in Berlin.

THE WHITE SHOES actually were the Dutch combo who abbreviated the name to The Shoes in the later 60s and had Nederbeat hits like „Na Na Na“ and „Osaka“. And when I call that stuff „commercial“, it's meant as a compliment in the way I'd talk about the output of Berlin's Gloomys, who also had a whole lot of major label releases, and half a handful of half-decent tracks among them. Nothing to write home about, anyway. But they toured Germany for about a year in 64/65 and recorded two singles here in Crailsheim, BW, for the tiny Monty label. I haven't heard „The Shuck“ by Heijo & The White Shoes yet, but if it's as entertaining as this very free adaption of Fats Domino's „Bye Bye Baby“, put it on my wantlist!

Wow, THE PLAYBOYS from Cologne! Blending free jazz with G.F. Händel on a beat single, while telling the story of Eddie & Sheena. A knock out! (O.K., we got mods and rockers here, not a punk slut and a greaser bloke, but the problem is much the same.) No clue about what an „Ombäschly“ might be (and why they spell it wrong on the cover), but I can tell you that both sides were written and sung by Uli Hundt, a guy who found considerable notoriety as leader of Schroeder Roadshow some ten years later. *** The Red Devils from Basel still opted for the French version of the name, LES DIABLES ROUGES, on the recording debut, an EP for the small local Sound label in'65. „Last Morning“ is something like the best song Chuck Berry has never written, and owes more than a warm handshake to his „Little Queenie“. They signed with the nationaly distributed Layola label, but after a predictably ill-fated 45 („Wooly Bully“!!!) and two contributions to the „Beat Bomb“- compilation (see PKP 8), the recording career of The Red Devils was over. *** More Swiss beat: I've heard a hundred plus versions of James Brown's „ I'll Go Crazy“, but none scared me like this one by THE ROMAN CATHOLICS on Philips.(Must by one of the all-time rarest on a major label.) „You believe me, I go crazy, you gotta leave yourself and nobody helps you“. The Gospel truth, soulbrother! Darker than black... *** Zapping over to Kärnthen, Austria: last time I raved about the mindexpanding single of THE ROLETTS on Cosmos (yeah, too. But I mean Cosmos Records), desperately hoping to ever find the other one. Now here it comes, again filled with world-explaining wisdom of the highest order. Know what happened?!? I just found out that there is a third one! The torture never stops. Dig deep and strike the rock... *** Next one is an acetate by yet another band called THE STRANGERS. As I said. every town had one. Recorded and carved by Tonstudio Florin in Geisweid/Siegerland, it presents a strangely strange and touching version of Beau Brummels' „Just A Little“, a song that actually was released in Germany on Vogue, and in that format is a sought after collector's item in its own right. *** Here's one I found on the www. Actually on U-tube (Never done things like that before, but hey, who'd ever found this one if I hadn't., and sound quality is quite alright for once on that station) The Swiss beatband LES NORMANDS. No other info what- and wheresoever. Great video by a band that obviously had no records released. *** Duisburg's TWANGY GUITARS and their „God Is My Life“ (CCA, '66) is one of the catchiest pieces of Jesus-Beat this side of The Liverpool Raiders, The Cobblers and The Joystrings (oh yeah, great 60s xian UK-bands, and I haven't even mentioned The Witnesses yet.) Must be two decades since I turned that 7“ over, and I guess I was much older then. But I'm younger by now. What an immaculate little jewel of Schunkel-Beat. No garage in sight, but „Leave It To Me“ is oh so charming...

here is the tape we've found bernhard on

Some weeks ago a friend called in and asked if I had one of these „old studio tape machines with 38 rpm and metal discs instead of reels. With that much bigger holes in the middle. And an adaptor is needed.“. I said I know what you mean, and in fact I have such an ancient monster, but haven't used it for decades. He came over with a big box of tapes he had bought for peanuts at a charity sale in Ludwigsburg, and among that scruffy collection of worn out tapes we've found a couple that obviously were safety copies and leftovers of recordings made at the local Tonstudio Bauer, the location where lots of German 60s classics were made, among them the records of The Hounds, Jimmy & The Rackets and the „5 Upstart Americans“-demoes of The Monks. But the Bauers were freelancers, and we had a hard time going through a lot of bierzelt musik and local marching bands, mostly uncredited,as many tapes had no cover or info-sheet, and the start/stop/fast forward- function with that old equipment is a more adventurous and tricky thing than putting a CD in your player. But then we stumbled over this tape saying BERNHARD FRANK & DIE FREIBEUTER, and my heart skipped a beat or two. And in fact, here we found four unreleased tracks by that legendary, but mystifying German performer, who had two or three extremely hard to find German language beat-45s, before he changed his style in the 70s and earned his bread on Butterfahrten. 46 years of careless storage took their toll, but like with many of the sources on this volume: take it or leave it. It's alternativlos! *** Next is the other side of the only known 7“ (Musik Corporation A-101) by the wonderful wonderous MOUNTIES. Scroll down to PKP 19 here on this blog. I haven't found nothing new on them yet. *** In Switzerland Polo Hofer is about as prominent as Lindenberg is in Germany. Like Udo with The Mustangs he started his career as a drummer (for The Jetmen) in the mid-60s, but soon felt an uncontrollable urge to get up and get a little more spotlight. The first recording group he fronted were POLO'S PEOPLE, who released this extremely hard to find 45 on Royal Splendid in '67. Nine years later he hit the jackpot with his band Rumpelstiltz and „Kiosk“ (still a Gassenhauer in German speaking countries) and never looked back. *** Nothing known about THE TEENAGERS, except that they reportedly came from Locarno,Switzerland, and thus not from the German speaking part of that little country. But when I read about the single (on CDA,67) this one haunted me, because I guessed it might be the only known 60s cover version of a Monks song. It's not, but that's even better. „Complication“ is one of these perfect Prae-Kraut originals in spirit and execution, and shifting and stretching the border a little bit might be forgiven in this case. Ego me absolvo, anyway... *** Even more dubious in terms of Prae-Kraut-limits is the 7“ by POLLY'S LONELY BOYS EXPORT CIE. It's a Swiss-only release by a band from Belgium on the tiny Europe label. But where if not here would you find such a touching description of a heavy hangover. „Woke up this morning, couldn't even remember my name...“ *** What exactly he's blowing up in „Blow Up“ isn't quite clear, but the song is a real cumshot to my ears. (Pass the kleenex, please.) It's STEVE'S GROUP with another of these scarce 45s on Royal Splendid, a label that hosted Swiss, Austrian and German artists in the 60s. *** THE TORNADOS' sole 7“ was recorded at Tonstudio Bauer in '64, and the band released it on their own Hi-Lite label. Written by one H. Trimble, I could swear that I've heard „Land Of Love“ somewhere else before, and it sounds so typically American... But back then we had some thousands of GI's stationed in the Greater Stuttgart area, who knows?

But I know where I've heard „Make Love“ before. One of the very few killer tracks of The Ivy League, but to my knowledge only released on the „Sounds of...“ album. THE V-RANGERS' version was a '68 single on Amadeo, but can be found on their LP „Explosion“ as well. The Rangers never sounded better than that, and the bloodless blue-eyed soul attempts which make up the biggest part of the repertoire aren't even an aquired taste. The „V“ stand for Vienna, by the way. *** LES QUESTIONS came from the Romandy, the French speaking corner of Switzerland, and released one of the toughest to find EPs of all times on Studiovox in '67. Playing The Kinks' „I've Got That Feeling“ in tango tempo is a challenge they master with ease, more or less, any way. They struggled on to the early 70s, and rumour has it, that Dave Peverett (ex-Savoy Brown, pre-Foghat) and Peter Behrens (pre-Silberbart, pre-Trio) both had a stint in their ranks.*** It took about a decacade, but here it comes: another anti-“War“-song on PKP! Absolutely zilch known about the FREEMEN OF LOVE, except they must have been from Austria. They obviously didn't even release a 7“, cause this track from the 1970 sampler „Pop Made In Austria“ on Lesborne Rec. seems to be all they left us. THE BOYS from Austria were a rather prolific band, but the output was quite pedestrian so far. Mediocre at best, concerning the domestic releases... But on an Yugoslawian EP we've found this one and only song that wasn't released in Germany or Austria, and it's definitely the best they've ever recorded. *** To end this mess here's a short cut from Berlin's TWANGY GANG (not to be confused with The Twangy Guitars.). In '69 they recorded one of these exploito-LPs that plundered the songs from „Hair“ for the German cheapo label Tip. There are a lot of German-language versions of this overrated musical, but „Sodomy“ usually was avoided on vinyl.
That's it for today, stay tuned. Yours, the lolly pope. (andäh westfauster...)

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