Monday, August 6, 2012

About broken links ...

 I came all the way (Peter writes about) - with and without an account...

Here are the results on today :

Didi Zill & His ABC Boys

 with my account...

VA - Beatles Lieder Auf Deutsch

without account (as free user) from another computer


Monday August 6 11 am

Where is the problem?

and also ...

Some anonimous  don't like that slowly downloads.... (Horror !!! - "I'm download for an hour..." )
 Well buy the account ....
For preparation of the posts I've spent much more time.

Sorry, but  I'm must  to delete posts with comments like "mediafire is fuck off"...,"Rapidshare is the absolutely fucking bullshit".... ???  Not comments but the posts...???
I understand that it is unfair to many of you. 
But  such "comments" is fair to those who does posts (Jancy,Beatman,Eno... ) ???
Regards to all. Thank you for your attention and patience.

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