Thursday, August 9, 2012

DC 5 & Washington DC's: (1962-63)&(1964-68)

A rather strange reissue, this compiles both sides of all three of the rare singles that the DC5 put out in the U.K. in 1961-1963 on the small Ember label before joining Columbia. Much less impressive than their British Invasion hits, they display the group as a run-of-the-mill band without an identity, casting about with weak pop, country, and instrumental material, although one of the songs ("I Knew It All the Time") was actually a small hit in America in early 1964. "Chaquita" was a cool instrumental ripoff of "Tequila" on the first DC5 album, but the early version here isn't nearly as good. On this CD, these tracks are combined with 17 songs by the unknown British band the Washington D.C.'s, who happened to share an album with the Dave Clark Five on an exploitative Ember reissue after "Glad All Over" became a hit.

Dave Clark Five
- Chaquita
- In Your Heart
- First Love
- I Walk The Line
- That's What I Said
- I Knew It All The Time

Washington DC's
- Seek And Find
- I Love Gerald Chevin The Great
- 32nd Floor
- Whole Lot More
- Any Time
- I've Done It All Wrong
- Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
- Where Did You Go
- Shimmy Shimmy
- Sweet Little Rock'n'roller
- Yakety Yak
- Little One
- Is It Me
- Have You Seen My Baby
- Carol
- Return To Me
- Have You Seen My Baby [alt. take]

There was no real connection between the two bands except that they shared the same label (Ember Records) in their early days. After the Dave Clark Five started to hit the charts high Ember Records used them as a lure to promote the Wahington DC's and released the "Dave Clark Five with The Washington DC's" album. It contains only two songs of the DC5 but eight tracks of The Wahington DC's, who had prior to this release a number 1 hit in Turkey with "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", but failed to make the charts in England. The LP didn't make any impact too and very little was heard of the group over the next two years. They then got a record deal with CBS and reappear on the scene in '66 with the excellent "32nd Floor" 7-inch, followed by the even superior "Seek And Find" single. Again success eluded them and as a consequence the band headed to the continent where they were seemingly better recognized than in their homeland. The end of '68 saw the release of their final 45, the cool Mod/Freakbeat "I've Done It All Wrong/Anytime". Not long after the group finally split.

Personnel [Washington DC's]:
Pat Curley (lead gtr)
Barry Fitzgerald (gtr)
Roger Creed (bs)
Baz (drms)
Glen Duke (drms) 
Roger Saunders (vcls, lead gtr, keyb'ds)
Berbie Trott (bs)
Gary Lee Illingworth (keyb'ds) 
Walt Monaghan (bs, gtr, keyb'ds)
Brian Hillman (drms)

1. (C) The Dave Clark Five With The Washington DC's 
   (Ember FA 2003) 1965

1. (B) Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/Where Did You Go 
   (Ember EMB S 190) 1964
2. (C) 32nd Floor/Whole Lot More (CBS 202226) 1966
3. (C) Seek And Find/I Love Gerald Chevin The Great 
   (CBS 202464) 1967
                                       4. (D) I've Done It All Wrong/Anytime (Domain D 9) 1968

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