Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Id - The Inner Sounds Of The Id ( 1967)


Although the Id's sole and rare album is weird, it's weird in a forced, mediocre fashion that makes it sound more like an exploitation of the psychedelic movement than a genuine part of it. At times (particularly on the songs with chanted pseudo-séance vocals), it's hard to tell whether they're trying to emulate the early freakiness of the Mothers of Invention, or whether they embody precisely the kind of mediocre California psychedelic bands Frank Zappa viciously satirized on the Mothers' We're Only in It for the Money. Some strange-on-the-sleeve efforts like "Wild Times," with its gratuitous overlay of sitar sounds, sits cheek-by-cheek with rather ordinary garage-pop/rock ("Baby Eyes") and melancholy psych-folk-rock ("Stone & Steel"). The most famous cut, and probably the most memorable due to its nonchalant oddness, is "Boil the Kettle, Mother," with its outlandish lyrics and poker-faced spoken vocal.

Jerry Cole - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Sitar
Glenn Cass - Bass
Don Dexter - Drums
Norman Cass - Rhythm Guitar

Guitarist Jerry Cole appeared before on “Tequilla” from the Champs and worked with numerous famous artists, like Jerry Lee Lewis, The Righteous Brothers, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Blood, Sweat And Tears, Chicago, the Byrds, Greg Allman, the Righteous Brothers, Henry Mancini, Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams Jr., and so on, working for Phil Spector as a steady studio musician. Around the time of working on the Id he was recording with the The Beach Boys on their "Pet Sounds" album, besides he was playing kind of surf guitar with his Spacemen. Later he became producer for Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and always showed a certain vivid guitar style, while drummer Don Dexter also worked with artists like Rick Nelson ; bass player Glenn Cass went later into country music while his younger brother Norm Cass, as a guitarist, later will do arranging for more than 15 years with country music star Gene Watson ; several of these artists participated in various TV shows).- More ...

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