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VA - Pre-Purple People:Rarities From The Late Beat Age

This anthology gathers 23 odds and ends that assorted one-time members of Deep Purple recorded before joining Deep Purple, sometimes as session musicians. As such it's more of a useful compendium of missing bits and pieces for Deep Purple fans than it is an even, high-quality listen, but musically it's not bad, with the occasional above-average cut. Ritchie Blackmore's represented by two Joe Meek-produced instrumentals on a rare 1965 single, as well as session work on a couple of Bob Dylan Basement Tapes covers that ended up on a 1968 single by Boz (aka Boz Burrell, who eventually joined King Crimson and Bad Company). Blackmore's also heard on an unremarkable lightly psychedelicized 1968 pop single by Anan, and Blackmore, Ian Paice, and Jon Lord play on four 1968 songs by Sun Dragon, again in a jaunty psych-pop style that's heavier on the pop than the psych. More interesting are four rarities by Episode Six, the 1960s British Invasion band that included Ian Gillan. That band's catalog is well-represented by a couple of other CDs, but this quartet of tunes is not on those. "Have You Ever Been There" is a previously unreleased folk-pop ballad by Roger Glover; "Love Hate Revenge" is heard in its American single version, with a different psychedelic instrumental break of weird oscillating sounds; and "I Am a Cloud" and "I Am the Boss," taken from a March 1969 radio broadcast, are different from the versions that show up on the Episode Six compilation The Radio One Club Sessions. Santa Barbara Machine Head was an early supergroup of sorts featuring Ron Wood, Jon Lord, and drummer Twink, although their three tracks (previously on the compilation Blues Anytime, Vol. 3) are routine heavy blues-rockers. The Maze, with Paice on drums, made subpar harmony pop on the 1967 single included here. Finally, the Government included future Deep Purple singer David Coverdale; the four songs here were on a self-pressed 1971 EP, consisting of unremarkable heavy horn-rock covers of hits by Chicago, the Boxtops, Cher, and the Rolling Stones. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi 

Уникальная коллекция из 23 трэков посвященная работе разных членов Deep Purple до их вступления в группу. Многие из этих записей сейчас просто невозможно приобрести на виниле. Некоторые издавались на малотиражных компиляциях, но впервые такой ранний материал собран вместе. Purple Records удалось приобрести несколько редчайших трэков, которых до этого не было даже у самых сильных коллекционеров. Несколько вещей впервые издаются на CD, а некоторые до этого вообще не издавались.
Записи – датируются между 1965 и 1971 годами – представляют выступления «до-Deep Purple» Ritchie Blackmore: его ультра редкий сольный сингл (стороны А и B, 1965 год); Ian Gillan & Roger Glover: четыре редкие студийные и концертные записи времен их пребывания в Episode Six (1968-69), ни одна из которых до сих пор не издавалась на CD; Jon Lord в составе Santa Barbara Machine Head: три великолепных инструментала от этой недолго существовавшей группы 1967 года, включавшей также гитариста Ron Wood и ударника Twink; Ian Paice & Rod Evans с The Maze: их последний сингл (1967, стороны А и Б) до того как они присоединились к Deep Purple; David Coverdale c The Government: четыре ранее не издававшиеся демо-записи с самоизданного EP 1971 года, его единственные известные записи до Deep Purple. Также представлены несколько номеров, записанных с продюсером Derek Lawrence, на которых Deep Purple Mk 1 выступают в качестве аккомпанирующей группы для таких исполнителей как Boz (его сингл 1968 года, с Blackmore) (он же Boz Burrell, позднее в King Crimson и Bad Company), вокальный дуэт Sundragon (1968, с Blackmore, Paice и Lord) и Anan (сингл 1968 года, с Blackmore).

- Blackmore's Orchestra - Ritchie Blackmore
- Episode Six - Ian Gillan, Roger Glover
- Santa Barbara Machine Head - Jon Lord
- The Maze - Ian Paice, Rod Evans 
- The Government - David Coverdale

01. Blackmore's Orchestra – Getaway (single,1965) (Blackmore/Chas Hodges) - 2:17
02. Blackmore's Orchestra – Little Brown Jug (single,1965) (Blackmore/Derek Lawrence) - 1:58
03. Episode Six – Have You Ever Been There (Glover) - 1:26
04. Episode Six – Love Hate Revenge (US single,1967) (Adams/Levin) - 2:32
05. Episode Six – I Am A Cloud (live) (Gillan/Tacon) - 2:34
06. Episode Six – I Am The Boss (live) (Gillan/Tacon) - 2:49
07. Santa Barbara Machine Head – Porcupine Juice (Gus Dudgeon/Lord,1967) - 3:13
08. Santa Barbara Machine Head – Albert (Dudgeon/Lord,1967) - 3:19
09. Santa Barbara Machine Head – Rubber Monkey (Dudgeon/Lord,1967) - 2:37
10. The Maze – Cateri Cateri (Cardillo/Fields,1967) - 2:32
11. The Maze – Easy Street (Banham/Keene/Evans/Lewis/Paice,1967) - 2:54
12. Boz – I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan,1968) - 2:46
13. Boz – Down In The Flood (Dylan,1968) - 2:14
14. Anan – Medina (1968) - 2:30
15. Anan – Standing Still (1968) - 2:36
16. Sundragon – I Want To Be A Rock 'n Roll Star (McGuin/Clark,1968) - 2:00
17. Sundragon – Peacock Dress (James/Freeman,1968) - 2:19
18. Sundragon – Five White Horses (James/Freeman,1968) - 2:29
19. Sundragon – Love Minus Zero (Dylan,1968) - 3:20
20. The Government – Does Anybody Know (I'm Here) (demo) (Miller,1971) - 3:16
21. The Government – The Letter (demo) (Penn/Oldham,1971) - 4:38
22. The Government – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (demo) (Bono,1971) - 3:30
23. The Government – It's All Over Now (demo) (Bobby & Shirley Jean Womack,1971) - 4:25

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