Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple - An Apple A Day (1968-69)

A rather typical British psychedelic-pop group of the late '60s, although perhaps not as fruity or indulgent as some. Their sound was characterized by a blend of spiky guitar and piano, as well as accomplished harmonies. Their material was okay, but not remarkable, with the exception of the buoyant single "The Otherside," which is rated by psychedelic collectors as one of the finest obscure pieces of its kind from the era.

Fair but unexciting psychedelic pop, only truly bending the ear with "The Otherside," with its wonderful sad melody and captivating piano-guitar arrangement. Another song from their singles, "Buffalo Billy Can" (also included here), also has a cult of sorts among collectors, with its similar inventive guitar and piano figures, although the song isn't as good as "The Otherside."

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