Sunday, September 30, 2012

Steppenwolf - Early Steppenwolf

Early Steppenwolf is a collection of live recordings by Steppenwolf when they were still known as "The Sparrow" [nee: "The Sparrows"]. It was released in 1969 under the label ABC Dunhill Records. The material was recorded live at The Matrix in San Francisco on May 14, 1967

* John Kay – Guitar, Vocals
* Mars Bonfire – Guitar
* Jerry Edmonton – Drums
* Goldie McJohn – Organ, Keyboards
* Nick St. Nicholas – Bas

"Listen to this CD, and hear history in the making. While this CD has a rough, garage-band sound, it also has undeniable power. The talent behind the music is obvious. Here is a chance to listen to some early versions of later classics (Power Play, Tighten Up Your Wig, Corinna, Corinna and The Pusher). The CD starts out with a slower, blusier version of Power Play than the one on Monster. Howling Wolf's Howling for My Baby is guaranteed to make you want to move, or at least to tap your foot. Another standout is a beautiful version of Corinna, Corinna that I believe is far superior to the version on Steppenwolf Live. It starts with an amazing guitar riff and also has a nice guitar break. The CD winds up with an extremely extended version of The Pusher, which is mostly just improvisation..." ~ By Tom Griffin

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