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The Doc Thomas Group - The ltanian Job (1967)


The 12 tracks (titled The Italian Job) comprise the entirety of the self-titled, Italian-only 1967 LP by the Doc Thomas Group, a band that (like the Silence) included Pete Watts and Dale Griffin.
From the very tangled tree of about a dozen '60s bands that fed into the eventual formation of Mott the Hoople, the Doc Thomas Group were one of the most important, chiefly because they actually released an album. Future Hoople guitarist Mick Ralps and bassist Pete Watts were both on board when the group recorded their sole LP (released only in Italy, where they were based for a time) in late 1966. Future Mot drummer Dale Griffin (aka Buffin) joined the band in the spring of 1967, although he doesn't appear on the album, which featured Stan Tippins as lead singer. The self-titled LP consisted entirely of R&B/soul covers, executed derivatively and just about competently, in the style of mod bands of the period such as the Small Faces. The Doc Thomas Group struggled on until 1968, changing their name to Silence with the addition of organist Terry (soon to become Verden) Allen; from that point, it was only a matter of recruiting Ian Hunter to replace Tippins to create Mott the Hoople in 1969. The extremely rare Doc Thomas Group album was reissued on CD in 1998, on a disc that also included a Silence "reunion" session recorded in 1990. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

1. I'll Be Doggone
2. She Was Really Saying Something
3. Steal Your Heart Away
4. My Babe
5. Please Do Something
6. Shake
7. I Got You (I Feel Good)
8. Harlem Shuffle
9. Talking About My Baby
10. Just Can't Go to Sleep
11. Barefootin'
12. Rescue Me

In the mid-60's a group of young hopefuls from Hereford were playing the "dues-paying" circuit in places like Hamburg (Germany) and in Italy where they were met with slightly more success. They went through various line-up changes and name changes, but in late 1966 the Doc Thomas Group (Stan Tippins, Mick Ralphs, Dave Tedstone, Pete Watts and Bob Hall) were booked in to a studio for a day to get their act down on tape. They recorded 20 tracks (all covers) and thought nothing more of it until early in 1967 a 12-track LP was issued (in Italy only). The album sold poorly, as did a single taken from it.Two years later, with a couple more line-up and name changes later, Silence (Stan Tippins, Mick Ralphs, Pete Watts, Terry Allen, Dale Griffin) auditioned for Guy Stevens at Island Records. Guy liked them and wanted to sign them, but insisted on one more line-up and name change: out went Stan Tippins, in came Ian Hunter, and Mott The Hoople was born...It is already another history.


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 (The Italian Job ( + Shotgun Eyes by the Silence) 27 tracks)
The Italian Job/Shotgun Eyes



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