Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leslie Humphries & His Friends – Pop Party (1970)

Leslie Humphries & His Friends – "Pop Party" (1970).

1. Montreal 
2. Walking Down Broadway 
3. The Unwanted 
4. Carnival Of Life 
5. Searchin' For Soul 
6. Up Cherry Street 
7. Love 
8. No Part Of It 
9. Peace Of Mind 
10. Under The Ground 
11. Emmi's Highboots 
12. Please Touch Me 

Leslie Humphries of the Les Humphries Singers produced an innumerable amount of cheesy Easy Pop albums in the 70s, which usually can be found in masses in the dustbin crates of nearly every European second hand record store. ‚Pop Party' from the very early 70s must have been one of first albums and represents a big exception among his huge recording output showing the multi talented musician pulling all registers himself on piano, organ, sax and vibes. accompanied by drums, fender bass and electric guitar, the great thing about this album is its incredible wild and groovy instrumentation. the music is really incomparable with anything he has done before or since, a driving brew of Krautrock, Hammond Funk and Psych overtones, loaded with drum breaks, funky vibes, heavy electric basslines and crazy runs on a swirling B3 organ and groovy piano. if u ever happen to find this lost European Funk gem, we highly recommend the tracks ‚Montreal', ‚Carnival Of Life', ‚Searchin' For Soul', ‚Under The Ground' and ‚Emmi's Highboots'. no medleys or annoying vocals, just pure, undiluted Psychedelic Funk going on here, works on every 70s retro party! (Karussell Germany 1970)

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