Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Tony & His Brothers - Rock Parade


 Little Tony (b. Antonio Ciacci, 1940, San Marino, Italy) and his two brothers formed a vocal group and were ‘discovered’ by Jack Good in 1959. Despite profound language difficulties, the trio - as Little Tony And His Brothers - won female hearts with their Latinate charm on UK television; toured with Cliff Richard, and recorded ‘Foxy Little Mama’, Chan Romero’s ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’ and other singles under Good’s supervision in London. However, it was without his siblings that Ciacci grazed the UK Top 20 with 1960’s ‘So Good’. With the withdrawal of Good’s support, he returned to Italy where he was runner-up in 1961’s San Remo Song Festival with a song translated as ‘42, 000 Kisses’ when covered by Liverpulian vocalist Paul Rogers. Little Tony became a regular performer at this event - even after 1967 brought a million-seller in ‘Cuore Matto’ (composed by Ambrosino and Tito Savio). Nevertheless, this was covered in the English-speaking market, where the song appeared as Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent’s ‘Long Is The Lonely Night’.

Rock Parade : Rarity Music Pop, Vol. 29
 Label: Rarity Music UPC: 3661585699781

1. The Hippy Hippy Shake (02:00)
2. Johnny B Goode (02:10)
3. Who's That Knocking (02:19)
4. Arrivederci Baby (02:28)
5. Splish Splash (01:54)
6. You Send Me (02:24)
7. Lucille (02:24)
8. Shake Rattle And Roll (02:16)
9. Hey Little Girl (02:32)
10. Lotta Lovin' (01:59)
11. Jumpin' Jack (01:48)
12. I Dont' Care If The Sun Don't Shine (01:45)
13. Pity Pity (02:01)
14. I Can't Help It (02:04)
15. The Beat (02:02)
16. She's Got It (02:11)

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