Friday, April 19, 2013

Duane Eddy - Deep In The Heart

Duane Eddy
" Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville "
 (The Complete RCA Victor Recordings 1962-1964)

6-CD box set with hard cover book contains work from the Master of Twang's 3-year RCA period, his most prolific ever (over 150 cuts) - all his singles, inc. 7 Top 100 U.S. charters are here, all 9 of his albums, inc. his first hit "Twistin' n Twangin'" - Bear Family doesn't do anything without doing it to the point of exhaustion. This six-disc set by Duane Eddy, which covers three years in his career, is a perfect case in point. Here are nine full albums, and over 150 tracks -- some outtakes, demos, and alternates on the final disc (30 new items in all, including an unreleased soundtrack!) -- in deluxe remastered sound. To say that Duane Eddy was popular during this period is a vast understatement. The man was a god and could do no wrong, especially when working with renegade producer Lee Hazelwood. His wild, gimmicky take on the twist, his "Twistin' and Twangin'," where he covered Fats Domino's "I'm Walkin'," and retitled it "Walkin' 'N' Twistin' (I'm Walking)," his own "Twistin' on a Cliff," and a killer cover of Joey Dee's "Peppermint Twist," complete with wild doo wop vocals in the backdrop, are only a sampling of what's here. Eddy also recorded an exotica album of Hawaiian twang, a ton of country classics such as "Crazy Arms," "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain," and a Cajun twang version of A.P. Carter's "Wildwood Flower"! Eddy wrote a ton of material, as well, and his sound is signature even today. RCA Years: 1962-1964 is way more than the casual fan would desire, but for those who collect Eddy's work, the Bear Family set defines his greatest period. ~ Thom Jurek

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