Monday, May 6, 2013

15 indfødte lyde - Native Sounds - Denmark Record-Labels

indfшdte lyde - Native Sounds - Denmark Record-Labels
vol. 15

Angelo - Marianne
Angelo - Tell Me How
B.B. Brothers - Balla Balla
B.B. Brothers - Don't Reply
Baronen - Hey Joe
Baronen - Like Everytime Before
Baronets - Hold On I'm Coming
Beachwalkers - Got My Feet On The Ground
Beachwalkers - You'll Be Mine
Black Batmen - Sitting All Alone
Black Batmen - Sweet Little Sixteen
Black Beats - Beautiful Delilah
Black Beats - Please Don't Feel Too Bad
Black Beats - Put Yourself In My Place
Black Beats - That's Wrong
Black Devils - Cherry Stone
Black Four - Black Devil
Blackpools - All-Right
Blackpools - Endless Hoping
Blackpools - I'll Go Crazy
Blackpools - I'm Wild About You
Blue Beats - Mourir Ou Vivre
Blue Beats - Run, Run, Run
Blue Beats - Sorry She's Mine 
Blue Beats - That's How Strong My Love Is

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