Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Indo Rock formation "Ricky & The Rhythm Strings" was founded early 1960's. Their success covering American rock 'n roll songs was mostly in Belgium and Holland. The group is still performing at reunions from time tot time and made 2 great albums like this one named "Rock And Roll With" (a best of album with 22 original recordings). Recommended ! (see also their more recent country rock & roll album "Now And Forever").

Track info:

1. Almost Grown
2. My Girl Josephine
3. Invitation To The Blues
4. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
5. Santa Claus Boogie (instr.)
6. Say Mama
7. Smokey Mountain Boogie
8. Hippy Hippy Shake
9. Ling Ting Tong
10. Yellow Jacket (instr.)
11. Please Release Me
12. My Babe
13. Little Queenie
14. C'est Si Bon
15. My Shadow (jnstr.)
16. Jeopardy
17. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues (alt.track)
18. My Darling I Love You
19. Smokey Mountain Boogie (alt.track)
20. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
21. Quando Blues (instr.)
22. Once (instr.)

1   Little Queeny
2   Take Your Memory When
3   Lady
4   Mister Tschang Aus Chinatown
5   Josephine
6   So Long
7   Forgive Me
8   Teardrops
9   How's My Ex Treating You
10   Perdido
11   If Tommorrow Never Comes
12   I Love You A Thousand Ways
13   Linda Lu
14   Three Nights A Week
15   Mambo Jambo
16   Neon Moon
17   Tears On My Pillow
18   The Losing Side Of Me
19   Teluk Bayur

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