Wednesday, October 16, 2013

THE JOKERS (Rarity Records)

Ronny Sigo - guitar
Jos Clauwers - guitar
Jos Raes - bass
Dany Pepermans - drums

Ronny Sigo & Jos Clauwers formed young Belgian band 'The Jokers' (from Antwerp) in the late fifties and played mostly instrumentals in The Shadows' vein to the point where their guitarist Ronny Sigo is often described as the Belgian Hank Marvin. Their singles were formulaic in that the 'A' side was usually instrumental pop/rock coupled with a slower, perhaps smother flip.

Their success spread across much of mainland Europe and Japan, releasing records in Belgium, Holland, Japan, USA (where they were known as 'The Fabulous Jokers') Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand & Spain. They recorded an album in Spain, with stereo sound in 1962 which was still very novel at the time. Their worldwide album sales exceed 850,000 despite lack of recognition in the UK.

They softened the sound in 1967 and by 1969 they had called it a day though Sigo continues to use the name to release new recordings made with session musicians.

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