Friday, March 28, 2014

Tee Set - The Best of

 The Tee Set -- Peter Tetteroo (vocals), Dill Dennink (guitar, flute, banjo), Joop Bloom (drums), Franklin Madjid (bass), and Hans Van Eijck (keyboards) -- was one of a handful of acts from Holland that made it onto the American charts in the late 1960s; others included the Shocking Blue ("Venus") and the George Baker Selection ("Little Green Bag"), both of whom had the same American representative, Jerry Ross. Recorded in 1969, "Ma Belle Amie" was a pleasant piece of pop/rock first issued in Holland, where it sold 100,000 copies (a major hit in the small Dutch market). "Ma Belle Amie" was heard by Ross and licensed for release in America, where it became their only major hit.

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