Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1984 - Thames Television Studios (Demo Tape Spring 1967)

Around late August or early September 1963, as the Beatles celebrated the birth of Beatlemaia with sessions for their "With The Beatles" LP at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in North London, another rock legend was developing just around the geographical corner. In a semi-detached house in Feltham, Middlesex, electronics engineer Harold May began an 18-month task, helping his sixteen-year-old son, Brian to construct the world's most famous home-made guitar, the 'Red Special'. In the meantime, Brian would have to be content with thrashing away at the small Spanish acoustic his parents had bought him for his seventeenth birthday. (Brian evidently mislaid this childhood guitar shortly afterwards, and didn't see it again until 1991, when at a 'reunion' of former members of 1984, his schoolfriend and first musical collaborator, Dave Dilloway, returned it to him. Brian was so thrilled, that he featured the guitar in the video for Queen's "Headlong" single.)

Brian May
Tim Staffel
Dave Dilloway
John Garnham
Richard Thompson

"May formed his first group, the instrumental band 1984, playing around London and even opening a 1967 show at the Olympia Theatre for such soon-to-be big names as Jimi Hendrix, Traffic, Pink Floyd, and Tyrannosaurus Rex (later T. Rex). After beginning studies at Imperial College (in the physics/infrared astronomy field) and growing weary of their musical direction, May left 1984 in the spring of 1968.

1. 1984 - Hold on I'm Wrong (3:46)

2. 1984 - Knock on Wood (2:59)

3. 1984 - NSU (3:43)

4. 1984 - How Can It Be (3:19)

5. 1984 - Step on Me (Take 1) (3:13)

6. 1984 - Step on Me (Take 2) (3:24)

7. 1984 - Purple Haze (4:26)

8. 1984 - Our Love is Driftin' (3:24)

9. 1984 - Remember (2:19)

10. 1984 - Sweet Wine (3:36)

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