Thursday, April 10, 2014

Emitt Rhodes - Listen, Listen

Though Rhodes' '60s band the Merry-Go-Round is a better place to start, with either the 1967 A&M LP The Merry-Go-Round or their posthumous best-of on Rhino, this 21-song overview begins with five tracks from that period and, more interestingly, documents his surprisingly, equally credible 1970-1973 solo work, not far removed from his earlier incarnation. Rhodes' sweet style aims for that place between the Byrds' folksy Rickenbackers and McCartney's thoughtful mid-period Beatles pop. Though the Merry-Go-Round never charted higher than number 63 with the opening track here, "Live" (which was covered by the Bangles on their first LP when they still had some guts to their sound), Rhodes carried on with this mellifluous, better-than-bubblegum, dense, melodic power pop, right through the Badfinger/Big Star era, on the underappreciated Dunhill LPs represented here: Emitt Rhodes, The American Dream, Mirror, and Farewell to Paradise. This is lovely, crafted, humble stuff -- the title of "She Laughed Loud" is the answer to the singer's request for a date! -- and softly connects.

1. Emitt Rhodes - Live [The Merry-Go-Round] (2:33)
2. Emitt Rhodes - Time Will Show the Wiser [Single Version] (2:30)
3. Emitt Rhodes - You're a Very Lovely Woman [The Merry-Go-Round] (2:53)
4. Emitt Rhodes - She Laughed Loud [The Merry-Go-Round] (2:44)
5. Emitt Rhodes - Listen, Listen [The Merry-Go-Round] (2:37)
6. Emitt Rhodes - 'Til the Day After (2:38)
7. Emitt Rhodes - Fresh as a Daisy (2:49)
8. Emitt Rhodes - You Take the Dark Out of the Night (2:55)
9. Emitt Rhodes - She's Such a Beauty (2:23)
10. Emitt Rhodes - Live Till You Die (2:47)
11. Emitt Rhodes - Long Time No See (3:16)
12. Emitt Rhodes - You Should Be Ashamed (2:40)
13. Emitt Rhodes - With My Face on the Floor (3:08)
14. Emitt Rhodes - Love Will Stone You (3:23)
15. Emitt Rhodes - Really Wanted You (2:43)
16. Emitt Rhodes - Birthday Lady (2:49)
17. Emitt Rhodes - Golden Child of God (2:44)
18. Emitt Rhodes - Warm Self Sacrifice (3:07)
19. Emitt Rhodes - Shoot the Moon (3:38)
20. Emitt Rhodes - Tame the Lion (2:55)
21. Emitt Rhodes - Isn't It So (3:16)

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