Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Frumious Bandersnatch-The Studio Outtakes[1968][w.bonus ep]

Originally from Lafayette/California they moved to San Francisco and picked up the typical sound of the city.

If any one group can legimately qualify as the "great lost psychedelic band',then Frumious Bandersnatch is that group.The few tantalizing glimpses of the combo afforded by their solo release in the 1960s gained them an enormous reputation.The subsequent fortunes of its members in groups like Journey and The Steve Miller Band have only added to the phenomenon.The name,derived from Lewis Carroll's proto-psych 'Jabberwocky',has an air of psychedelic mystery to it.So,after years of wishful thinking on the part of psychedelic music aficionados all over the world we find the earnestness of this their latest achievment all the more extraordinary.

1.Hearts To Cry [Alternate Version]
2.Chain Reaction
3.Pulpit Hough
4.Cheshire [Full-Length Version]
5.Woodrose Syrup
6.Can-A-Bliss  [Full-Length Version]

Bonus EP (Muggles Gramophone Works FB-A/B) 1968

7.Hearts To Cry
8.Misty Cloudy
9 Cheshire
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