Wednesday, April 9, 2014


 Play A Tribute To Deep Purple (1973)
Thin Lizzy, As Funky Junction, Pays Some Bills

Back in 1972, before fame would find them, Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, Eric Bell and Brian Downey (then a power trio), were hired by a German businessman named Leo Muller to record an LP of cover songs by Deep Purple. Being broke, despite a couple of albums under their belt, they agreed – going by the name Funky Junction to cover their tracks. The LP, recorded in a single day and released on the Stereo Gold Award label, featured five Deep Purple songs, along with a few tracks written by (or, at least, credited to) Leo Muller and a couple of retitled cover songs (“Danny Boy” and “House Of The Rising Sun,” both mis-credited to Muller). As should be obvious, this project was little more than a business venture, to create a bargain bin album solely to capitalize on Deep Purple’s growing popularity. The band included Lynott (bass, vocals), Bell (guitar) and Downey (drums), along with future Blodwyn Pig keyboardist, Dave Lennox and vocalist Benny White – both of the Dublin band, Elmer Fudd. For many years, Lynott & Lizzy’s involvement went undetected, but in 2012 the tapes were re-released with a revised cover that outed the participants. Initially this music was issued as Funky Junction Play A Tribute To Deep Purple (1973) but a new band name was christened for the German pressing of The Rock Machine Play The Best Of Deep Purple And Other Hits. The photo on the cover belonged to Hard Stuff, a totally different band altogether. Hear a couple of tracks below from this Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy oddity, though… both Lizzy and Purple fans are bound to find themselves simply scratching their heads. Check out the unbelievably embarrassing solo on “Fireball.” The track listing here reflects the original LP release, which was slightly altered for the CD reissue 40 years later.

Fireball (3:27)
Dan (2:33)
Black Night (3:34)
Palamatoon (3:28)
Strange Kind Of Woman (3:34)
Hush (4:13)
Rising Sun (3:32)
Speed King (5:25)
Corina (4:30)

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