Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kenny Wayne & The Kamotions-In Motion[1970]

Reissue on “Acid Sound” from this US band from Shreveport,Louisianna who played a cool garage kind of music drenched in Hammond organ & Wah Wah guitars,also a nice bluesy soul feel to it (originaly released in 1970 and very hard to find).Kenny’s Gruff vocals are outstanding.

1 Vehicle
2 How Should I Feel
3 I Got You:Out Of Sight
4 Stormy Monday Blues
5 Child Bride
6 They
7 A Better Days A Comin'
8 Are You Ready
9 The Day When The Sun Goes Down
10 All Right Now
11 Green Eyed Lady
12 Time Seems To Fly

Kenny Wayne (vocals,rhythm guitar)
John Bruton (drums)
David Moye (organ,rhythm guitar)
Chuck Beck (lead guitar)
Steve Murrell (bass)

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