Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kensington Market-Avenue Road[1968]

Kensington Market-Avenue Road[1968]Canada

Kensington Market (named after a street market in the city’s west side) was formed initially to promote the song writing talents of English-born Keith McKie (b. 20 November 1947,St Albans).

1.I Would Be The One (Keith McKie)
2.Speaking Of Dreams (Luke Gibson)
3.Colour Her Sunshine (Keith McKie) 
4.Phoebe (Gene Martynec)
5.Aunt Violet's Knee (Keith McKie)
6.Coming Home Soon (Keith McKie)
7.Presenting Myself Lightly (Gene Martynec) 
8.Looking Glass (Keith McKie)
9.Beatrice (Gene Martynec)
10.Girl Is Young  (Keith McKie)

Alex Darou - Bass
Keith McKie - Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Watson - Drums,Sitar
Gene Martynec - Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Luke Gibson - Vocals,Guitar
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