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Kings Verses[1966]

Kings Verses[1966]USA

Formed-1966,Fresno,CA,United States
Disbanded-1967,Los Angeles,CA,United States

Bob Melchor (drums)
Jim Baker (guitar,vocals)
Bill Kufis (bass)
Lloyd Bell (guitar,keyboards,1966)
John Hollingsworth (bass,1966-67)
Philip Hollingsworth (keyboards,1966-67)

1 Lights
2 Ballad of Lad Polo
3 It's Not Right
4 She Belonged to Me
5 It's Love
6 E. Sok Baxter
7 A Million Faces
8 Mind Rewind
9 When You Loved Her
10 You Can Be Me
12 She Belonged to Me (Live)
13 Lights (Live)

The Kings Verses hail from Fresno,California.The band was formed when Lloyd Bell and Jim Baker,still in high school,persuaded both Bob Melchor,who was playing drums for a local cover band and Bill Kufis,playing bass,to join them in a band. Bell left the at the end of 1966, to be replaced by bassist John and keyboardist Philip Hollingsworth from Everyday Things,another local group.In the summer of 1967 however,the band relocated to sunny Los Angeles in hopes of making it better there,as they'd had nothing but bad luck back in Fresno. While in LA,they did a semester at LA City College, before coming known by the Oracle newspaper scence,eventually getting them well known enough to be an opening act for The Doors.However,their good fortune proved to be short-lived.After a gig at a venue on the Sunset Strip called The Hullabaloo at which they did not get paid,the band gave the venue affidavits,but the band ended up getting blackballed and their reputation was ruined.So they packed up and the members all went their separate ways.The Kings Verses did not last long enough to put out a record.However they did record some demos.In 1998 these demos,along with two live songs from the 1966 KYNO Battle of the Bands in Fresno,were released into the compilation Kings Verses.
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