Sunday, April 27, 2014

LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE - 1968 - Presenting

They were the first band to use synthesiser's on tour.

They were possibly being checked out by Chas Chandler when he was caught in traffic and missed their first show. He promised he would stay for their second show that evening but left after signing up Jimi Hendrix and being blown away by his show that evening.

At that point the world gained a Mind Blowing guitar player but lost an experimental group that would eventually give up after 2 albums.

These 2 albums are available as a single release these days but that is not what I have. I have 2 seperate rips for these.

So - Who is Lothar? Well Lothar is an IT. An instrument called a Theremin (An early electronic music instrument, invented, in the early decades of the 20th Century, by Russian engineer Leon Termen ("Theremin" was a French transliteration of the Cyrillic, IIRC). You play it by moving your hands around it - the spatial location of one hand controls pitch, while the other controls volume. It was used to create weird sound effects in radio dramas and sci-fi films. Some play it as a proper instrument - e.g. Clara Rockmore, when she was alive. Still sounds weird.) PHEW.

All tracks written by John Emelin, Kim King, Paul Conly, Rusty Ford, Tom Flye except where noted.
01. Machines (Mort Shuman) - 2:38
02. This Is It - 2:49
03. This May Be Goodbye - 2:36
04. That's Another Story - 2:09
05. Kids Are Little People - 2:23
06. Ha (Ho) - 3:33
07. Sex And Violence (Paul Conly/John Emelin) - 2:51
08. Bye Bye, Love (Felice Bryant/Boudleaux Bryant) - 2:27
09. Milkweed Love - 2:56
10. You Won't Be Lonely - 2:34
11. Woody Woodpecker (George Tibbles, Ramez Idriss) - 0:48
12. It Comes On Anyhow (Paul Conly/Kim King/John Emelin) - 3:19
13. Paul, In Love (Paul Conly) - 2:57
14. Have Mercy (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy) (D.Covay/R.Miller) - 1:52
15. Let The Boy Pretend (Paul Conly/Antonia) - 2:10
16. L-O-V-E (Ask For It By Name) - 2:18
17. Rose Colored Glasses - 2:28
18. Every Single Word (Paul Conly/John Emelin/Weissman) - 2:07
19. Comic Strip - 2:36

- Rusty Ford - bass
- Kim King - Moog synthesizer, guitar, Ampex tape decks
- Paul Conly - keyboards, audio generator, Moog synthesizer
- John Emelin - lead vocals, Theremin (Lothar)
- Tom Flye - percussion
- Robert Marguleff - producer
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