Friday, April 11, 2014

Lt.Garcia’s Magic Music Box-Cross The Border[1968]

Another Kasenetz-Katz production,for fans of bubblegum pop psych.Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box were actually a bit different than most Kasenetz-Katz acts.In their album "'Cross The Border" most of the songs was self-penned.The album also contains a version of the 1953 Greek song "Opou Giorgos kai Malama"(Giorgos Mitsakis),titled here "O 'Sagapo (Oh How I Love You)".The bass player Jimmy Tragas was responsible for that.

Tom Morrisey-rhythm guitar,organ,vocals
H.J. Boyle-lead guitar,vocals
Jimmy Tragas-bass,vocals
Ralph De Palma-drums,vocals

Produced By Kasenetz & Katz

1.Latin Shake (Artie Resnick-Joey Levine)
2.Salomila (Boyle-Morrissey-Tragas-DePalma)
3.O'Sagapo (Tragas-Morrissey-Boyle-Depalma)
4.Two Sides To Every Story (Boyle-Morrissey)
5.Children In The Playground (Boyle-Morrissey-Tragas)
6.Kumbaya (Boyle-Morrissey-Tragas-DePalma-Brydell)
7.A Young Girl Waits For Me (Morrissey-Tragas-Boyle)
8.Sweet Lady Fair (Boyle-Morrissey-Tragas)
9.The La La Song (Boyle-Morrissey-Tragas)
10.Do Your Eyes Hurt You Sunshine (Morrissey-Boyle-Tragas)
11.Come On (Boyle-Morrissey-Tragas)

Composed of guitarist H.J. Boyle.drummer Ralph De Palma,rhythm guitarist Tom Morrissey and bassist Jimmy Tragas,Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box were actually a bit different than most Kasenetz-Katz acts.Apparently a true,stand alone entity,with the exception of one track,their 1969 album "'Cross the Border" was self-penned. In spite of the name and occasional Hispanic touches (the nifty single "Latin Shake"),material such as "Two Sides To Every Story", "Sweet Lady Fair" and "The La La Song" consisted of likeable pop-rock.Elsewhere, "O'Sagapo (Oh How I Love You)" and "Do Your Eyes Hurt You Sunshine?" actually reflected a Greek influence.It wasn't about to change anyone's life,but made for a fun half hour.A commercial non-entity,the album and band quickly vanished without a trace.

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