Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mind Garage-A Total Electric Happening[1968]

One of the most psychedelic and eclectic efforts,from the very first days of the american psych scene.

2.Sale of a Deathman
3.What Shall We Do Till Norris Comes
5.Star Goddess
6.Circus Farm
7.This Town
8.Reach Out
9.Asphalt Mother

Mind Garage from West Virginia USA,are well known for their 2 LPs made for RCA in 1969 and 1970.They began as a hard rock group in 1967,but soon after had a unique rock and roll dream.This band straight from the beer halls with long hair,beards and wild clothing was about to change Rock and Roll forever.They were the first rock band to bring the drums,amps and guitars into church for a live rock and roll worship service. In 1968,after having many services under their belt, they were discovered in New York City's Greenwich Village and dubbed "theo-rock" by the Village Voice.By 1969 they had signed with the leading record company's in the world,RCA.In 1970,after three years of persistent efforts they had gone where no other bands had been before.The Mind Garage had taken "the raw sounds in rock music" and offered it to God in the form of an Electric Liturgy.Playing in church after church,they cultivated an environment where rock could thrive, establishing in the process, Christian Rock,a completely new genre of music that has inspired untold millions worldwide.They paved the way for all the Contempory Christian Rock bands that followed and can rightfully be called the first Christian Rock band.They came to a halt at 1970."A total electric happening" LP,which we proudly present,contains their very first single privately released in 1968 through their own MORNING GLORI label plus 7 previously unreleased songs.All come from an old acetate made for promo use in 1968.Listen to these tracks and you will discover the fully heavy psychedelic sound of Mind Garage.In our opinion their most psychedelic and eclectic efforts,from the very first days of the american psych scene.This official release comes in a gatefold(uni-pak, US type)cover with lots of photos and memorabilia.Plus extra 4-pages insert with bio and photos and an extra post-card (petition).PVC protective outersleeve.Remastered and restored from original 1968 acetate.
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