Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mind Garage-Two Psychedelic Albums & Demos[65-68]

Mind Garage was an American psychedelic rock and roll band from Morgantown,West Virginia and a progenitor of Christian rock music.Their "Electric Liturgy" performed in 1968 was the first documented Christian rock worship service and their 1969 eponymous debut RCA album was one of the earliest Christian rock albums released.

Mind Garage - The Early Years 1965-68 Demos:

1. B-52       
2. Sale Of A Death Man       
3. What Shall We Do 'Till Norris Comes       
4. Water       
5. Star Goddess       
6. Circuy Farm       
7. This Town       
8. Reach Out       
9. Asphalt Mother

Larry McClurg - lead vocals
Norris Lytton - vocals, bass and sax
Ted Smith - percussion
Jack Bond - vocals, keyboard
John Vaughan - vocals, lead guitar


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