Sunday, April 27, 2014

TEA & SYMPHONY - 1969 - An Asylum For The Musically Insane

Tea and Symphony
An Asylum for the Musically Insane is the debut album by the psyched-out progressive/folk weirdo ensemble Tea and Symphony. Released on Harvest in 1969.
This is a fine example of English musical eccentricity that's very much in the style of Forest, Dr Strangely Strange and later period Incredible String Band. In turns experimental, progressive and theatrically challenging this is an unusual example of early '70s esoteric progressive/psych music from a bunch of hippy heads.

Dave Clempson ('Clem') - guitar
Jeff Daw - flute, guitar, vocals
Gus Dudgeon - drums
James Langston - guitar, vocals, woodwinds
Nigel Phillips - keyboards, vocals, percussion
Bob Lamb - drums

1. Armchair Theatre
2. Feel How So Cool The Wind
3. Sometime
4. Maybe My Mind
5. Come On
6. Terror In My Soul
7. Travelling Shoes
8. Winter
9. Nothing Will Come To Noth
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