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The Blue Things-Let the Blue Things Blow Your Mind[2CD][64-67]

Along with the Remains,the Blue Things are serious contenders for the title of the Great Lost Mid-'60s American Band.The Kansas group was extremely popular in the Midwest and Texas,but remained unknown on a national level,despite a deal with RCA.Piloted by the songwriting of singer and guitarist Val Stecklein,the group often sounded like a cross between the Byrds and the Beau Brummels with their melodic,energetic,guitar-oriented folk-rock and haunting harmonies.The group's sole album (Listen & See,1966) and several singles chart a rapid growth from British Invasion-like material with a heavy Searchers and Buddy Holly influence to full-blown psychedelic efforts with careening guitars,organ and backward effects.Quite innovative for the time,these 1966 psychedelic singles met with no more than regional success.The group's impetus was derailed by the departure of Stecklein at the end of 1966, although they struggled on for a bit.Stecklein went to California and recorded a disappointing MOR folk album for Dot in the late '60s that reprised some of his Blue Things songs.Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas,The Blue Things were to the mid-west what The Beatles were to England.Starting out in 1964,as The Blue Boys,they played a British Invasion type sound.Over their short lived career,they were to release a plethora of singles,that have become legendary for their innovation and originality. In 1966 The Blue Things changed their style to psychedelic and their sound was similar to The Beatles' sound on Revolver.This two cd set contains a career spanning 65 tracks with many previously unreleased recordings and stunning sound!A 24 page booklet,details the complete career of the band and is rich in photos and recollections.

CD 1

The Blueboys, Damon Studios, Kansas City: September 1964 (1-2, 5), July 7 1964 (3-4, 6-7)
The Bluethings, First Single: Dec.1964 (8-9), Second Single, May 1965 (9-10)
Sullivan Studios - Oklahoma City: May 1965 (12-17), September 1965 (30), November 1965 (18-21,33)
Studio B - Nashville: August 1965 (23-29)
The Hi-Plains Singers (with Val Stecklein) Audio House, Lawrence, Kansas: 1963 (31-32).

CD 2

The Bluethings- Studio B: November 1965 (1-2, 4-7, 28), February 1966 (3, 8-9), September 1966 (15-17), March 1967 (18-20, 25-27)
Audio House: January 6, 1966 (29), December 1966 (21-24)
Val Stecklein  Audio House: April 3 1966 (10-13) August 1966 (14)

Additionally,the completist should also know for all this two-CD set's generous length,it doesn't quite have everything,a few outtakes remaining available only on some earlier Blue Things LP and CD collections on the Cicadelic label.

Disc 1:
The Blueboys

1 Punkin’ Doodle (Previously Unreleased)        
2 Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Previously Unreleased)        
3 P’s And Q’s        
4 Love’s Made A Fool Of You        
5 Silver And Gold        
6 La Do Da Da        
7 Just Two Days Ago        
The Bluethings

8 Mary Lou        
9 Your Turn To Cry        
10 Pretty Things-Oh        
11 JustTwo Days Ago        
12 Baby,My Heart        
13 Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby        
14 Pennies        
15 Since You Broke My Heart        
16 So You Say        
17 Silver And Gold        
18 It Ain’t No Big Thing Baby        
19 You Can’t Say We Never Tried        
20 High Life        
21 Now’s The Time        
22 Desert Wind (Previously Unreleased)        
23 Weep No More My Lady (Previously Unreleased)        
24 I Must Be Doing Something Wrong        
25 Look Homeward Angel        
26 Pennies (Previously Unreleased)        
27 Silver And Gold (Previously Unreleased)        
28 Since You Broke My Heart (Previously Unreleased)        
29 La Do Da Da        
30 Alright! (Previously Unreleased)        
Bonus Tracks
The Hi-Plains Singers (W/ Val Stecklein)

31 Nancy Whiskey        
32 Desert Wind        
The Bluethings

33 You Can't Say We Never Tried (Take Seven)        
34 1965 Concert Radio Ad #1 (Previously Unreleased)        
Disc 2:

1 High Life        
2 Girl From The North Country        
3 Doll House        
4 It Ain’t No Big Thing,Baby        
5 Ain't That Lovin' You Baby        
6 I Can’t Have Yesterday        
7 Now’s The Time        
8 The Man On The Street        
9 Honor The Hearse        
10 Waiting For Changes (Unreleased Version)        
11 I’ll Make It Up To You (Previously Unreleased)        
12 Sounds Of Yesterday        
13 Hollow        
14 The Coney Island Of Your Mind        
15 The Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind        
16 One Hour Cleaners        
17 You Can Live In Our Tree        
18 Twist And Shout        
19 You Took The Fight        
20 Caroline        
21 Hey Joe (Previously Unreleased)        
22 Talk Talk        
23 I’m A Man (Previously Unreleased)        
24 My Generation (Previously Unreleased)        
25 Somebody Help Me        
26 Yes My Friend        
27 Can’t Explain (Previously Unreleased)        
Bonus Tracks

28 Doll House (Unreleased Alternate Version)        
29 I Can't Have Yesterday (Unreleased Alternate Version)        
30 1966 Concert Radio Ad #2 (Previously Unreleased)        
30 Mid-Continent Productions Radio Ad,1966 (Previously Unreleased)
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