Monday, April 28, 2014

The Glass Family-Electric Band[1969][with bonus]

The Glass Family were a California based band during the 1967 to 1969 period.Uncertain if they were based in the Bay Area but they played at various San Francisco venue during this period. A superb mix of trippy pop-rock songs and ballads,it sold poorly but has earned a major cult reputation since,and makes its long-awaited CD debut here complete with three rare bonus tracks.

Ralph Parrett–Vocals,Guitar
David Capilouto–Keyboards Bass
Gary Green–Drums Percussion

1. House of Glass
2. Born In the U.S.A.
3. Once Again
4. Sometimes You Wander
5. The Means
6. Do You Remember?
7. I Want To See My Baby
8. Lady Blue
9. Passage #17
10. Mr. Happy Glee
11. Guess I'll Let You Go
12. Agorn


13. Teenage Rebellion
14. David's Rap
15. Guess I'll Let You Go (45 Mix)
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