Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Jones - Music To Watch Girls Dance (1967)

Carioca group of instrumental rock, composed by George Klein Romeiro da Silva (lead guitar), Edson Klein Romeiro da Silva, brother of the first (rhythm guitar), Newton dos Santos de Oliveira (bass) and Oswaldo Magellan Sands (drums). The ensemble recorded a compact and four long-plays. On the occasion of the third disc was included organist Carlos Alberto Rinaldi da Silva and the drummer was replaced by Lauro de Oliveira Silva Júnior. The group performed at dances, concerts and TV shows. Their executions were of good technique and its long-play \"Feature 14 greatest hits\" had good sales among the people of the musical genre. Excerpted from \"rock'n ' Roll-origin Myths and Rock Instrumental in Brazil and in other countries\", Laércio P Malhotra, ed., 2001.

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