Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Primitives-Maladjusted[64-67]

The group started life as the Rising Sons,before taking the unpromising name of the Cornflakes,under which they won a local band competition in Northampton,the first prize of which was a contract with Pye Records.They'd already developed a strong following with their strong (if somewhat heavy-handed) R&B-based sound in the clubs around Oxford,but coming off of the competition,they also got professional management in the guise of the owners of the Plaza Theatre,where the contest was held and they changed the Cornflakes moniker in favor of the more definitive and appropriate name the Primitives.

The Pye Singles

1. Help Me
2. Let Them Tell
3. You Said
4. How Do You Feel?
5. Every Minute Of Every Day
6. Pretty Little Face
7. Forget It
8. Your Friend
9. Lonely Room
10. Tell Your Friend

Previously unissued track

11. Oh Mary (Demo)

Oh Mary: The French EP

12. Oh Mary
13. I Don't Feel Myself
14. Mr. Heartache
15. Tears In My Eyes

Blow Up: The Italian LP:

16. Gimme Some Loving
17. L'Ombra De Nessuno (Standing In The Shadows Of Love)
18. No Response – 3:09
19. Johnny No (Thunder & Lightning)
20. Cara-Lin
21. Yeeeeeeh! (I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore)
22. Gira, Gira (Reach Out, I'll Be There)
23. Every Minute Of Every Day
24. Mister Heartache
25. Ma Beata Te
26. Sookie,Sookie
27. Mohair Sam –
28. L'Incidente (Soul Finger)

Jay Robert [Geoffrey Robert Farthing] - vocals,bass,organ (1965-70)
Geoff Eaton [aka Geoff Tindall] - lead guitar (1964-65)
John E. Soul - rhythm guitar,harmonica (1964-65)
Roger James – bass (1964-65)
Mal Ryder [Paul Bradley Couling] – vocals (1965-70)
Mike Wilding – drums (1964-65)
Mick Charleton – drums (1965)
Stuart Linnell - lead guitar (1965)
Dave Sumner - lead guitar (1965-70)
David "Pick" Withers – drums (1965-69)
Robbie McIntosh – drums (1969-70)
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