Sunday, May 4, 2014

FARON'S FLAMINGOS - 1963 - See If She Cares

"Faron's Flamingos" were one of the most promising groups of Liverpool, never imevsih of one-hit, EVEN at a local levels, and This despite the fact that her What musicians came from some much more famous and uspesnyh kollektivov. Original in 1959 year poavilis? the Name "The Ravens" (or "Robin & The Ravens"); staff in bands vhodili Nicky Crouch (guitar, vocals), Billy Jones (guitar, vocals), Eric London (bass) and Trevor Morais (drums). Bill Ruffley (or Faron Ruffley), who previously vystupal with "The Tempest Tornados" prisel soloist in two years lowered. In 1961 legendary Bob Wooler proposed a new name, "Faron's Flamingos." Ih-up is continuous condition depending Cut Is not From the beginning complexion, Eric London and Billy Jones pokinuli "Faron's Flamingos" in 1962, Dave "Mushy" Cooper move in a year earlier, prisoedinivsis? k "Undertakers". London and guitarist / singer Paddy Chambers Shortly thereafter vernulis. Group spent long reputation mistletoe wild, with breathtaking attention sceniceskim action thanks komedijnoj acrobatics Faron and Morais. In 1962 the term were enough uspesnye gastroli to France, yarn than proizosel bum bits. They received kratkovremennyj Contract with "Oriole Records", the largest independent label in England, and in August 1963 years leaves them first single "Do You Love Me / See If She Cares". Cerezo several days, "Brian Poole & The Tremeloes" write svou Versie "See If She Cares" for "Decca Records", and namely it stopped hit (EVEN in this reckless, CTO of both bills zatmilo Performance "Dave Clark Five"). In October 1963 leaves the second single, "Shake Sherry / Give Me Time", but he also does not smog Correct the situation and to end sleduusego months they decided collectively, "packed suitcases." Faron and Paddy Chambers prisoedinilis? to "The Big Three", Nicky Crouch Became member group "The Mojos" and Trevor Morais dobilsa success with "The Peddlers".

Format: MP3 CBR 320
01. Do You Love Me - 3:15
02. Give Me Time - 1:59
03. Let's Stomp - 1:48
04. Let's Stomp (live) - 3:12
05. Secret Love - 2:23
06. See If She Cares - 2:10
07. Shake Sherry - 2:19
08. So Fine - 2:18
09. Talk About You - 1:51

- William "Faron" Ruffley - bass, lead Vocals
- Paddy Chambers - guitar
- Nick Crouch - guitar, vocals
- Trevor Morais - drums
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