Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Shaggs- 1969 - Philosophy Of The World

The Shaggs were three teenage sisters in New Hampshire: Dot (Jamey Hood), Betty (Sarah Sokolovic) and Helen (Emily Walton) Wiggin. Their millworker father, Austin (Peter Friedman), believed, thanks to a prophecy, that his girls were born rock stars - and his way to a bigger and better life.
He removed them from school, had wife Annie (Annie Golden) teach them at home and forced them to form a rock band.
Very Mama Rose, very "Gypsy."
No matter that the trio had no interest. Or talent. They were God-awful musicians.
The Shaggs cut an album in 1969: "Philosophy of the World." It cost the family its life savings and reaped untold emotional wreckage.
Eleven years later, the LP became a cult hit, embraced for raw, unvarnished vocals and instrumentals.

01. Philosophy Of The World – 2:54
02. That Little Sports Car – 2:05
03. Who Are Parents? – 2:56
04. My Pal Foot Foot – 2:29
05. My Companion – 2:02
06. I'm So Happy When You're Near – 2:12
07. Things I Wonder – 1:46
08. Sweet Thing – 2:56
09. It's Halloween – 2:20
10. Why Do I Feel? – 3:55
11. What Should I Do? – 2:16
12. We Have A Savior – 3:04

* Betty Wiggin Porter - rhythm guitar, vocals
* Helen Wiggin Semprini - drums
* Dorothy Wiggin (aka Dot Wiggin) - lead guitar, vocals, arrangements
* Rachel Wiggin - bass guitar on That Little Sports Car
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