Monday, May 19, 2014

VA - Chicken Talk & Other Good Songs [2014]

Series from beatman
Have fun!

On download page  [Яндекс.Диск]  press button with arrow  [Скачать]

P.S.:   Dear friends! Small note:
Over 500 downloads last albums in 2 days and... silence...  
Do you like this series? whether to continue it? any suggestions?
This series may have 5 albums, or may have 500 albums and more... -
it all depends on - does it make sense?
Here a lot fans of the sixties - all you need to do is download? - and have nothing to say?
No feedback - is not this the reason that many interesting blogs stop the existence?
But... in blogs usually works just one simple rule: 
No comments - No music...

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