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As a supplemental income source in the late '60s and even into the '70s, the Pretty Things members would record anonymously for the DeWolfe Music Library, who would file them for future use in (usually low budget) movies whenever a suitably "swinging" or "groovy" scene was called for. Consequently, the Pretty Things' music can be heard in some unlikely places, including some late '60s/early '70s soft porn titles and horror flicks like Michael Armstrong's The Haunted House of Horror. These music library records (usually comprised of one side of vocal and one side of instrumental versions of the same songs) were credited to the fictitious group Electric Banana, and were never intended for official release, so when the records began surfacing credited to the Pretty Things, the group were not pleased. The first Electric Banana LP dates from early '67 and the Emotions period, when the Pretties were collaborating with arranger/orchestrator Reg Tilsley. Three of the five songs on the album are credited to May, Waller and Taylor and though overladen with Tilsley's brass parts they have a cool, how-you-say, 'period charm'. Phil May's expressive vocals are top notch, particularly on the vulnerable love ballad "If I Needed Somebody." The other two tracks, "Free Love" and "Cause I'm a Man" are written by Peter Reno and are much less interesting. (My Generation )

01. Alexander
02. It'll Never Be Me
03. I Love You
04. Grey Skies
05. What's Good For The Goose
06. If I Needed Somebody
07. Street Girl
08. Blow Your mind
09. Eagle's Son
10. I See You
11. Love, Dance And Sing
12. Danger Signs
13. Walking Down The Street
14. A Thousand Ages From The Sun
15. Rave Up
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