Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Churchill's - The Churchill's (1969) Israel


Rob Huxley - various guitars, vocals
Haim Romano - various guitars, mandolin, vocals
Michael Gabriellov - bass guitar, vocals
Amy Triebitch - drums
Stan Solomon - vocals
Only released in Israel in 1969, this is an incredible psych fest with superb tripped out songs in English, amazing multi-layered, phased freaked out acid guitar solos, weird effects and exotic arabian instruments. Genuine Middle Eastern psych. The band only made one album, but what an album and not only that this version has 4 bonus tracks including "Living Loving" Led Zeppelin cover.

In 1968 they recorded their first single, "Too much in love to heart". The song becamen a big hit in Israel. The B side was "Talk to me". Both songs were arranged with strings and all by Alex Weiis (CBS 3687).

After four months of gigs in Denmark, where the group achieved some success as a warm-up for Deep Purple in the Revolution club, they returned to Israel to record their first LP "Churchill's" (BAN 14106). This was to become one of the rarest psychedelic albums in the world. It contained music from the soundtracks of "A woman Case" and "The dress" and had a strong eastern influence on some of its tracks.
1- Open up our eyes2- Song from the sea3- Pictures in my mind4- Comics 5- When you're gone6- Strangulation7- Straight people8- Subsequent final9- So alone today10- Debka11- Living loving (bonus)12- Signs of you (bonus)13- She's a woman (bonus)14- Sunshine man (bonus)
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