Monday, December 8, 2008

V.A. - Beat Beat Beat Vol. 5

Disk 1

1.Don't Cry For Me - with Mark Peters, The SIlhouettes2.I Told You So - with Mark Peters, The SIlhouettes3.You Must Be The One - with The Greenbeats4.The Owl And The Pussycat - with The Bad Boys5.That's What I'll Do - with The Bad Boys6.The Leaves Are Falling - with The Overlanders7.Forget It - with Mal Ryder, The Spirits8.Your Friends - with Mal Ryder, The Spirits9.Help Me - with The Primitives10.Let Them Tell - with The Primitives11.One Fine Day - with Rae Vince, The Vincents12.Little Girl I'm Sad - with Rae Vince, The Vincents13.We'll Sing In The Sunshine - with The Lancastrians14.Was She Tall - with The Lancastrians15.Little Baby - with The Blue Rondos16.Baby I Go For You - with The Blue Rondos17.Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me - with Peter Jay, The Jaywalkers18.Sugar Baby - with Jimmy Powell, The Five Dimensions19.I've Been Watching You - with Jimmy Powell, The Five Dimensions20.Shades Of Blue - with The Hellions21.Day Dreaming Of You - with The Hellions22.What Have They Done To The Rain - with The Searchers23.This Feeling Inside - with The Searchers24.Winter Rushes - with The Countrymen25.I'm A Lover Not A Fighter - with The Brand26.Zulu Stomp - with The Brand27.You Beat Me To The Punch - with Tony Jackson, The Vibrations28.This Little Girl Of Mine - with Tony Jackson, The Vibrations29.Lookin' For Love - with John L. Watson, The Hummelflugs30.(I Only Come To) Dance With You - with John L. Watson, The HummelflugsDisk 2

Disk 2:

1.The System - with The Searchers2.Humpty Dumpty - with Tommy Quickly, The Remo Four3.I'll Go Crazy - with Tommy Quickly, The Remo Four4.Thunder And Rain - with Alan Dean And His Problems5.As Time Goes By - with Alan Dean And His Problems6.Anytime - with Riot Squad, The7.Jump - with Riot Squad, The8.(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet - with Peter's Faces9.Wait - with Peter's Faces10.I Want You - with The Boys11.It Ain't Fair - with The Boys12.What In The World's Come Over You - with The Rockin' Berries13.You Don't Know What To Do - with The Rockin' Berries14.Now - with The Wolves15.This Year, Next Year - with The Wolves16.I Don't Wanna Be Free - with The Sorrows17.Come With Me - with The Sorrows18.You Said - with The Primitives19.How Do You Feel - with The Primitives20.Funny How Love Can Be - with The Ivy League21.Lonely Room - with The Ivy League22.Baby, Baby (I Still Love You) - with Julie Grant23.Tired Of Waiting For You - with The Kinks24.Come On Now - with The Kinks25.Susie Q - with Peter's Faces26.De Boom Lay Boom - with Peter's Faces27.Like A Lover Should - with The Monotones28.No Waiting - with The Monotones29.He's The One For Me - with Tammy St. John30.I'm Tired Just Lookin' At You - with Tammy St.

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